The jolliest season of all is here! Christmas party is all about celebrating with friends and family, eating delightful feasts and of course, the annual viewing of Elf! However, taking on the responsibility of hosting a Christmas party at home can be stressful. To make your Christmas party a memorable one, we have some easy Christmas party ideas that go beyond just decoration or a Christmas menu.

So, whether you wish to have a glamorous Christmas party in a small house with friends and family, or are celebrating with roommates, we have the holiday party guide to make the big day worth remembering!

Hosting Christmas? Don’t Forget The To-Do List!

The holidays are the busiest time of year for most people, but planning ahead can ensure everything runs as smoothly as Santa’s Workshop when you’re hosting a Christmas party at home!

  • [ ] Mark a date: It’s important to pick a date for your celebration so it doesn’t clash with anyone’s holiday plans.
  • [ ] Guestlist: Design your guest list according to your apartment size and the number of people it can comfortably cater for. Even if you’re hosting Christmas in a small house, you can still have a stellar guestlist!
  • [ ] Plan out the budget: Work out a budget and stick to it! Short on cash? Plan a potluck party or a short and sweet festive menu, with just enough food to fill up everyone’s stomach.
  • [ ] Entertainment and games: You want a fun, lively party, and one way to get everyone involved while hosting Christmas is with some classic holiday games! Some games we love are: a) Charades b) Pictionary c) Trivia d) Christmas dance freeze e) Bring Me
  • [ ] Favors: Nothing makes for a memorable party more than a party gift. Some cute Christmas party favors include:
  • Socks
  • Personalized keychains
  • Handmade holiday cookies
  • Hot chocolate sticks of various flavours i.e. mint chocolate, orange chocolate, dark chocolate etc.
  • [ ] Send out invitations: The earlier you send invites, the better! Now that everything is ready, it’s time to let your loved ones know that you are hosting a Christmas party.

It’s Time to Decorate!

The sound of the crackling fire, the smell of cedar tree and freshly baked cookies, and the beauty of falling snow, Christmas is a holiday that appeals to our every sense!

Want to recreate this natural essence in your home? We’ve got some easy Christmas party ideas to get your guests’ holiday senses tingling!


It’s time to flex your decorating muscle. Now, it could be tempting to decorate the corners of your place in random Christmas garb. But we suggest you pick a theme, especially when you are hosting a Christmas party in a small house.

Consider a color theme, such as silver and red or gold and green. Consider asking your guests to dress up to match the theme, for some unmissable photo ops!


Hosting a Christmas party at home without music isn’t really a party, so plan out your playlist in advance. Ask your friends and family if they already have a go-to festive playlist, or take song requests prior to the party.

Choose some classic tunes that people just can’t help singing along to. Everything from The Pogues to Mariah Carey is acceptable here.

Set Up a Self-Service Table

While your friends are gossiping about some hot news in their workplace, you don’t want to be too busy serving beverages to catch up.

Prepare a self-service table where you keep the drinks and snacks. Place some pre-made signature Christmas party cocktails in beverage dispensers, and guide guests to the fridge to help themselves to wine and beer.

For guests that don’t drink alcohol, add a section of non-alcoholic Christmas speciality drinks

like Cranberry-Ginger Shrub or super delicious Slow Cooker Pear Cider.


Now comes the best part…decor! Even if you’re feeling short on creativity, we’ve come up with a few easy Christmas party decor ideas for your home over the festive period.

Decorative Ladders

Decorative ladders are a stylish and smart way of revamping your small space for a Christmas party. Adorn it with fairy lights, bows and other embellishments.

Downsize The Tree

When you are dealing with a small apartment while hosting a Christmas party, downsizing your tree can save a lot of space. Whether it’s fresh or fake, size doesn’t matter when it’s sparkly and beautiful!

Scented Candles

Scented candles can create a festive mood in no time! We love gingerbread, pine tree, cinnamon and berry this time of year.


Pine cones are surprisingly cute mini Christmas trees. This super low budget decoration with a star on top won’t take long to become the star of your Christmas party.

Get Creative with Walls

Fortunately, wall decorations aren’t too heavy on your pockets. You can buy hooks and use them for hanging hand wreaths, pictures of Christmas celebrations, and some quotes. If you want to get more creative, you can use fairy lights to adorn them.

Budgeting Tips for Hosting Christmas

Hosting a Christmas party at home can be financially stressful too. From buying gifts to planning decorations, Christmas celebrations are often a stretch on the budget. But they don’t have to be

Here are some pocket-friendly tips:

  1. Set a dollar amount limit per gift
  2. Hand-make Christmas cards
  3. Give group gifts
  4. Buy pre-loved gifts
  5. Thrift your gifts
  6. Grow plants to give
  7. Host a Christmas potluck
  8. Donate gifts in someone’s name instead of giving them a gift
  9. Re-gift
  10. Thrift your decorations or re-use the ones left from last year
  11. Invite people to your Christmas party via email instead of using printed invitations

Voila! You’re ready to host a memorable party. Christmas is a time of celebrating bonds, stuffing desserts in your face and dancing to the Christmas tunes – make sure you relish every bit of it.

Now that you have figured out your Christmas party, here’s something to help you prepare better for Winter.

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