Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to decorate your apartment! But don’t worry if you’ve not got enough space to set up a giant Christmas tree or recreate Santa’s workshop. You can always go with some gorgeous holiday lights instead! That way, you don’t need to be a homeowner or have tons of outdoor space to embrace the holiday spirit.

Sound like fun? Try these simple yet highly aesthetic Christmas light decorations to make your home stand out throughout the whole of December.

Creative Christmas light decorations for your home

1. Hang a light curtain

Curtain string lights are a great way to dress up drawn curtains or sheers. They instantly add a warm glow that feels truly festive, with very little effort. Drape a set of string lights across your curtain pole to create a stunning, cascading light effect. You can also do the same on blank walls for extra sparkle!

2. Create unique wall designs

So what if you can’t accommodate a Christmas tree in your apartment? Recreate a similar effect with holiday lights molded into the shape of a Christmas tree on your wall using adhesive tape. Or if that doesn’t fit your style, feel free to get creative with other festive designs like a star or a bell.

3. Recycle your old wine bottles

Don’t throw away those empty wine bottles. Instead, recycle them as pretty Christmas light decorations. Place string lights inside empty bottles to create some cozy festive vibes. Arrange the bottles in different areas of your home, from your fireplace to the center of your dining table. Use your imagination and get glowing!

4. Light up railings and poles

5. Decorate a wreath with Christmas lights

A big wreath may overwhelm a small apartment, but a smaller design will work great! Decorate your wreath with Christmas lights, using tiny LEDs to add a bit of sparkle to windows and blank walls. You can also place a wreath flat to decorate tables and sideboards with votive candles in the center.

6. Display photos and greeting cards

Sending and receiving greetings cards from your loved ones is a Christmas tradition. So, if you’ve got lots of pretty designs that you want to show off, try this! Hang Christmas lights across the wall and then peg your favorite card designs and photos along with them with clothespins. Light them up and enjoy the magic!

7. Decorate your mirrors

Even if you live in a small space, you’re bound to have at least one mirror in your apartment. Be it a bathroom mirror or a full-sized bedroom mirror, you can easily spruce it up for Christmas. Wrap a set of string of lights around it to turn it into a seasonal piece of décor. Choose any pattern you like and glow up a little corner of your home.

8. Try out cool cardboard designs

Don’t throw away those piled-up cardboard delivery boxes. Instead, use them as part of your Christmas décor! This is an affordable way of decorating your place and it’s eco-friendly too! Cut them into different shapes, paint them, add glitter, or wrap them with colorful wrapping papers. You can even poke holes in them and place string lights behind them to light them up. An out-of-the-box idea – don’t you think?

9. Light up some candles

Decorate your home with scented candles inspired by various holiday season aromas. Only got generic candle holders to hand? Surround plain glass containers with pieces of holly, cinnamon sticks, or even a satin bow for a more Christmassy look. Alternatively, greet guests with pillar candles of different heights dotted up your staircase. You can also arrange votive candles on a tray and light them together for a really special display.

10. Glow with a fairy light jar

These super easy Christmas light decorations involve filling up empty mason jars with sets of fairy lights in whatever color you like. You can then cluster them together in your entryway, on your coffee table, or around your fireplace. Why not add glitter for an extra touch of sparkle?

Christmas is all about celebrating the holiday spirit with your friends and family with good food and laughter. But Christmassy décor is all part of the fun too! So, if you haven’t started decorating yet, try these ideas and light up your space with some warm Christmas lights. You can then sit back, relax and enjoy the festive vibes while sipping a creamy mug of hot chocolate!

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