When you have too many things and your New York apartment is too small…adopt the tried-and-tested KonMari Method to tidy up your space.

The KonMari Method is a whole lifestyle – it’s something you need to learn; it becomes a part of you. But there are some quick lessons, too.

Here are our six favorite tips by home organizing guru Marie Kondo for a cramped NYC apartment. The only condition is you must be ready to let go! It may seem difficult, but Ms. Kondo makes the experience a wholesome one.

1. “Does it spark joy” – don’t treat this as a cliché!

Yes, we are going with the most famous KonMari point first, because it makes so much sense once you start practicing it. Marie Kondo simply says that you shouldn’t own items that don’t spark joy when you hold them. If it doesn’t give you a sense of thrill, let it go from your life! Asking this question lets you decide what is truly important for you and your future. This doesn’t just help you tidy up your place by getting rid of the extra baggage, but also saves you money and helps you not be wasteful.

Side note: tackle categories, not rooms

A simple way of owning minimal belongings in the house is to divide them into categories. Instead of clearing the house room by room, put all the clothes from all the rooms together and decide which you need. The same goes with books, papers, miscellaneous.

2. Learn the art of folding and stacking

Folding clothes is indeed an art, albeit an easy-to-learn one. Hanging your clothes in your closet takes up precious space. Marie Kondo suggests, instead, that you neatly fold your t-shirts, pants, scarves and dresses and stack them vertically. Where you used to hang ten clothes, you can now fit in 20 to 40!

The art of folding helps organize your apartment’s clothes drawer, too. Save space in your drawer by placing your clothes standing upright one next to the other.

When organizing storage in a closet, put larger pieces away first, then fit smaller items into the leftover spaces.

– Marie Kondo

3. Get storage containers you need

Declutter your small New York kitchen. Based on your dietary habits and grocery shopping, get containers for your kitchen that are suitable for you. Cute storage containers on sale are tempting, yes! But, be sure how you’re going to use it before you buy it. Most times, the leftover glass jars of jams and Nutella from the past will do a great job – thoroughly cleaned, of course!

4. Get rid of labels and branding

This tip doesn’t exactly save physical space in your house, but it does make it look cleaner! Marie Kondo calls the words printed on surfaces “noise,” and rightly so, as they’re screaming out information you can do without. Get rid of these unnecessary advertising and obvious information and watch your small New York apartment suddenly seem bigger and more relaxed.

This tip helps with your home decor!

5. Use boxes to store your things

Bring organization to your smaller things – chargers, sunglasses, tools, makeup, miscellaneous tidbits – with boxes. Ms. Kondo’s storage hack here is to use sturdy boxes (some of your Amazon parcels could work, too) in your drawers, shelves, and even your closet. But remember to make them look clean and elegant; remember our previous point about loud prints!

If you’re going to share your apartment, you need to find someone who understands these rules!

6. Lastly, make sure everything has its place

Assign a spot for all your belongings. Even for things you use every day, like your keys and your shoes. Once you use something, make sure to put it back in its assigned spot. And when you’re about to bring something new for your NYC apartment, ask yourself where it will fit. This decluttering habit does take a little getting used to, yes, but it will become part of your routine and you’ll be so thankful in the long run!

But what if your house is already furnished?

Cut down on your stress and the waste around your house as you make your NY apartment a HOME.

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