So you’ve found your soulmate, and you’re ready to take the next step of living with your significant other! First of all, a big congratulations! However, we want you to be prepared for what’s to come. Moving in with a significant other is great, don’t get us wrong. But of course there’s some things to think about. And yes, you need a checklist – a moving in together checklist to make sure love stays in tact and you make your own home sweet home. Let’s get right to it then, shall we?

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1. Ask yourself and your SO the tough questions for your moving in together checklist

What are your reasons for moving in with your significant other? Are you both on the same page?

If not, is there a conflict regarding the different reasons?

Now, if you’re both being economical about it, thinking you have to commute to be together anyway, so why waste time and money on commute and rent in two places when you could be together all the time? That’s what you both want, right? RIGHT?

Or maybe it’s simply because you just can’t stay without each other anymore, and you want to make your own haven. Both reasons are okay! Just as long as both of you are on the same page and have no doubts about each other’s reasons, living with your significant other is going to be your paradise.

2. Put who’s paying the bills and when in your moving in together checklist

If you’ve been dating long enough, you’d know each other’s habits(even the one related to money), and you probably split all costs anyway, right? But when it comes to paying rent, buying groceries, and actually living together instead of just going out to grab a burger or catch a movie, things are bound to get more serious.

So before moving in with your significant other, have a conversation, discuss app options to split the bills, and what happens in case someone is unable to pay the bills. It’s an important thing to discuss.

You might think love is way above money, which it is. But sadly, when money goes wrong in the relationship, love can too. So better to prepare beforehand, even if it’s an awkward conversation.

3. The chores

Well, this is one territory that you both might end up fighting about, A LOT when living with your significant other. So it’s much better to make rules before you enter the battlefield and start living there.

Divide the chores EQUALLY, and abide by the decisions taken. If you both would like, switch the rules up later, when you’re bored. But always keep it equal so that no one person has to bear the entire burden of making the house a home and keeping it that way.

4. Are you keeping that?

Here’s something you need to face when moving in with your significant other. You don’t like all their stuff, and they don’t like yours. So just complaining about something you find weird sitting in your house isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, sit down together and look at all your stuff when you’re planning to move. Take decisions of giving away things that you collectively don’t want or need and get rid of them. (Unless you have a special reason and it’s allowed to be in the house.)

Remember they’re not your same-sex best friends, and they’re not roommates. When you move in together with your SO, everything belongs to both of you.

5. How often do the friends come around?

Sure when you’re in love, their friends are your friends, or maybe you have a whole gang of friends together, like … F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But the reason you need to put the ‘friends coming over’ aspect in your moving-in-together checklist is to keep your home a safe space that allows chill time for both of you.

You can’t have friends over forever, and you can’t restrict them either when living with your significant other. So discuss how and when it is okay to ask them to leave you alone, or how to talk to each other if anything bothers the other about their set of friends.

6. The need for your ‘me time’

One of the taboos of moving in with your SO can be your alone time. The thing is, no matter how deeply you both may be in love, to crave for time alone is a human need, and very important for a healthy relationship with self and others.

So discuss how often you need to be alone, and why they shouldn’t worry about that behavior, and give you space. Decide on the spaces in the house that are appropriate for said alone time, etc.

In conclusion, being upfront about your relationship and having a solid moving in together checklist will help you keep each other and your home a loving space for your relationship to flourish.

Good luck, love birds!

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