Opting for a roommate isn’t just about saving money on rent and utilities. It is about finding companionship in a new environment. It is about security in a place where you have no one else. What this means is that beyond just having a roommate, having the right roommate is equally important.

While there may be a lot of guesswork and grunt work in using a website like Craiglist to find roommates, using a roommate finder like Roomi or Nooklyn is a better way to find the right roomies. But you know no two applications are ever exactly the same. Often, they’ll differ in features and service specifications. To decide which is the better roommate finder between Roomi and Nooklyn, let us take a look at several key features.

Pricing: Are these roommate finder apps free or paid?

Generally speaking, living in a metro city is expensive. You want to cut down costs on as many fronts as possible. Besides this, you also want to make sure you get the best value for whatever money you spend.

While it may be okay to quickly settle for a free roommate finder service for this reason, you must bear in mind that many free websites in this category expose their users to scams and spam. Thus, they must be used with extreme caution.

Nooklyn may be an apartment hunting website but it also has a roommate finder service that is free to use. Once you’ve signed up and verified your identity, you can start browsing for potential roommates. Know that you still have to do the work of finding someone who matches your interests and preferences.

Nooklyn alternative, Roomi, also has a free subscription plan. As a free user, you can send up to 5 messages/swipes daily. However, Roomi also recently launched a Roomi Gold subscription plan. For a weekly fee of $14.99 and a monthly fee of $21.99, you have an improved chance of finding a safe roomie that matches your preferences perfectly.

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Security: Can these apps help me find roommates I trust?

When you’ve recently moved to a new location, security is often a concern. Beyond staying in a safe neighborhood, you want to be sure your apartment is secure. If you happen to stay with someone, you want to know that your roommate is trustworthy. The question to ask then is which apps can help you find a roommate you can trust? The Roomi app or the Nooklyn app? Let’s find out.

Verification of roommate contact info

Nooklyn is particular about verifying the contact info of its users. If you plan to use this roommate finder service, you will need to verify your email as well as to conduct a Facebook verification of your account. You, however, do not need to verify your phone number as this is optional.

Nooklyn alternative, Roomi, also considers the security of its users a priority. As such, it ensures the contact information of every user is obtained and verified. But here is where Roomi is better: Roomi ensures your contact info (email and phone number) is verified without violating your privacy. This is done by using the GlobaliD service.

ID Verifications for potential roommates

Again, using the GlobaliD, Roomi conducts verification of your government-issued ID and keeps that information safe. It also puts you in control of your identity and your data while preserving your privacy. By this, we mean that Roomi allows you to choose what information to retain or delete as the case may be. Once your ID is verified, you receive the verified badge which boosts your listing, and improves your chances of finding a suitable roommate.

For the Nooklyn app, once you’ve signed up for the service, the immediate next step to creating your account is verifying your ID.

Privacy & security of profiles

To a large extent, Nooklyn keeps any personal identifying information away from prying eyes. Also, once you have identified a potential roommate, you’re allowed to use the secure in-app messaging service to reach out to until you’re comfortable sharing other personal information.

Likewise, Roomi goes the extra mile securing your information with GlobaliD. It also puts the power right in your hands, allowing you to delete or alter your information per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Once you’ve identified someone who matches your preference, you can reach them on the app using the secure in-app messaging option. This prevents you from having to share any unnecessary private information with a potential roommate.

24/7 support & content moderation

Nooklyn has quite a broad offering when it comes to services rendered. Thus, the support available on the Nooklyn app is addressed for all these different functions. Roomi does one better. Primary support is in the form of a detailed FAQ section with answers to virtually any question that may arise. Further support and content moderation are provided by an in-house content moderation team. This team watches out for red flags that may be indicative of a wrong motive – a tell-tale signal of scammers.

Criminal background check

Nooklyn does not conduct any criminal background check to determine if you’re not guilty of any pending crimes. Unlike Nooklyn, Roomi is thorough, conducting criminal background checks against known international and relevant local intelligence.

User Profiles: Which app makes it easier to find your perfect roommate?

Once your ID is verified, you can go ahead to create a profile for yourself. This profile contains only basic information, which is visible to others who have Nooklyn. The Nooklyn app has an impressive UX design but navigation isn’t all that easy. Yes, it allows you to set certain filters when searching for roommates, but this is nowhere near detailed enough, leaving you with a lot of work to do to find the roommates that best match your preference.

The Roomi app is everything the Nooklyn app is, and more. It was designed to guarantee an optimal user experience. One would be right to conclude that it was designed to ensure the user’s needs are effectively met. The filters are exhaustive, thus ensuring you can set filters that factor in all your preferences. The app then uses its roommate matching algorithm to set you up with a roommate, making it the easier roommate finder service of the two.

Do you require a senior roommate? Roomi has got you. Just set the age filter to reflect this preference. What about a non-binary or transgender roommate? Just set the gender accordingly. Or maybe you want a roommate of your sexual orientation? Just set the sexual orientation filter to reflect the same. Roomi has got it all, and so do you if you sign up.

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Additionally, with Roomi, you’re guaranteed a dynamic and fulfilling user experience whether you’re using the web app or the Android/iOS platforms. It was designed to make roommate searches easier for you, even if you’re not all that tech-savvy.

So, which is the best Roommate Finder for you?

Undoubtedly, Roomi is the best way to find roommates between the two apps. Nooklyn has interesting features for a free roommate finder service. However, Roomi is above and beyond in terms of features. It isn’t just easy-to-use; it is safe, secure, guarantees your privacy, and ensures what you want in a roommate is what you get.

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!