The search for a perfect roommate is exhausting and often tricky. What if you’re allergic to their dog? Do they wash their dishes or leave them in the sink? Are they loud when you need to be working? These questions among many others will pop up when you’re on the hunt to search for a roommate with whom you can split bills to save money. If you’re here reading this, chances are that you’re tired of browsing listings. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the powerful roommate finder, Roomi, and how the platform compares to Silvernest. Let’s get started!

Pricing: Are These Roommate Finder Apps Free or Paid?

Generally speaking, most roommate finder platforms are free to download and browse. However, at some point, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a subscription plan. What sets Roomi apart from the like of Silvernest alternatives?

As a free member on Roomi, you can swipe or message 5 times a day in addition to posting 2 free listings! You can download the Roomi app for free on all Android and iOS devices.

However, Silvernest requires its users to sign up and post listings starting at $29.99/month, which includes a 5% service fee to use their platform.

Meanwhile, Roomi’s Gold Subscription is not only more flexible in terms of payment options, but also more cost-effective, with more features than Silvernest alternatives at $29.99/month. The cool part? You can choose to pay either monthly or weekly depending on your budget!

Why is the Roomi Gold Plan worth the price?

  • Access to unlimited messages with potential roomies. (On mobile, you also get unlimited swipes!)
  • A Fully Verified status upgrade gets you 5x more messages.
  • A ranking boost for 7x more views on your profile and listings.
  • 5 active listings to post all the empty rooms in your apartment.
  • Free bookings to save over $100 on safe money transfer between you and your new Roomi.

Monthly payments for Roomi Gold boil down to $0.97 per day – cheaper than your bus ticket! For more information on tailored plans, visit Room’s support page.

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Security: Can These Apps Help Me Find Roommates I Can Trust?

In an increasingly virtual world, safe roomies are few and far between, especially if you’re not browsing on powerful roommate finder platforms. Why are safe roomies important? First of all, you’re be sharing a living space with them. Secondly, no one wants a roomie that defaults on rent payments or brings in unauthorized guests. So, what safety measures do Roomi and Silvernest take to protect their users? Let’s find out.

Verification of Roommate Contact Info

From Instagram to Airbnb, blue ticks are what verify accounts as safe. Guess what? Roomi has them too! Adding a GlobaliD will give you verified status on Roomi’s website, and attract other verified users who want to room with someone similar!

ID Verifications for Potential Roommates

When users sign up for Silvernest, they are verified by human verification specialists. But that’s all there is. However, this is where Roomi shines as the best roommate finder. On Roomi, users are expected to comply with safety protocols such as clear profile photographs and filling in their bios with detailed information with what they’re looking for.

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Privacy & Security of Profile

Online identity thieves are aplenty. Therefore, it’s understandable if you are wary about sharing information online. Silvernest will share your profile with anyone if they have paid for an upgraded service.

However, Roomi ensures your physical and cyber security through the following:

  • Users can see information such as your age, a photo of you, your preferred location, and your budget (if you’ve specified one). Furthermore, Roomi doesn’t share your exact address with other parties, only an approximate location.
  • You can also make changes or delete your data anytime under GDPR. Just write a quick email to Roomi’s support team and your information will be deleted from the database. Cool, right?

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24/7 Support & Content Moderation

The Roomi team has dedicated content moderators who ensure that all listings are legitimate. For a safe browsing experience, Roomi ensures that the rooms listed on the roommate finder platform are trustworthy and well-reviewed.

Meanwhile, Silvernest too is dedicated to its users’ safety by issuing a zero-tolerance policy but doesn’t have the same rigorous monitoring as Roomi.

Criminal Background Checks

Roomi is a wonderful platform to find roommates by going the extra mile in accepting requests for background checks, unlike Silvernest or other Silvernest alternatives. However, you don’t need to complete a background check to start browsing on Roomi!

On the other hand, there are no such services on offer by Silvernest, which falls short on this roommate finder comparison.

User Profiles: Which App Makes It Easier to Find Your Perfect Roommate?

Roomi is a way to find, message, and move in with a roommate that is fast, easy, and safe. Roomi’s algorithms decide who is likely to be a good roommate for you, determined by the preferences you choose. Does a senior roommate seem like the best option for you? Not a problem! Is it possible to find a roommate who is LGBTQ or nonbinary? Absolutely! Simply update your filters and the Roomi algorithm will take care of the rest. Roomi is an inclusive, all-in-one roommate finder, so you can enter any criteria into your search. The wonderful Silvernest alternative, Roomi, features a robust website and clear buttons for navigation.

So, Which is the Best Roommate Finder for You?

Roomi helps you establish trust by providing verification services, so you can share information without worry of scams or privacy leaks! The roommate finder’s low membership fees let you focus on the task at hand: finding your new roommate!

Roomi is your one-stop option to list or find rooms, find roommates to settle into a new city easily. Download the app and sign up today!