Koreatown is located in an exciting neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, with Hollywood located just to the north. Although the neighborhood is small, only about three square miles, it is known for its rich culture, happening nightlife, and exotic markets. Unsurprising, since it was the very center of the Golden Age of Hollywood back in the day. Planning a move to the area? This guide will help you choose the best rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA and covers the neighborhood’s most popular parks and restaurants too.

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Where is Koreatown?

The thriving neighborhood of Koreatown is located in the centre of Los Angeles. It is to the west of Downtown LA and to the south of the world-famous Hollywood! With over 100,000 residents, Koreatown, also known as K-Town, is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city.

This locality is a great neighborhood to live in thanks to its buzzing nightlife and cultural heritage. What’s more? You simply cannot miss the authentic Korean food you’ll find in the restaurants in Koreatown! If you’re looking for a friendly neighborhood to move to in LA, you should definitely look at rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA.

Find Rooms For Rent in Koreatown, LA

Whatever you’re looking for, Koreatown has no shortage of accommodation options. From high-rise buildings and studio flats to revamped warehouses and condos, there is a home here for every budget. Additionally, the average rent in Koreatown, CA is lower than the neighboring localities of Los Feliz and East Hollywood. This makes it extremely budget-friendly even for students and young professionals moving to the city.

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Average Rent in Koreatown, LA

Koreatown has a number of public and private schools that make it ideal for families too. It is also within easy commutable distance from USC and UCLA, making it a top choice for students studying at these prestigious universities. With a number of stylish, cozy accommodation options and the average rent in Koreatown, CA being relatively low, you can’t really go wrong with a move here. Here is a list of the current average rent in Koreatown, CA:

Rooms for rent in Koreatown LAAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Koreatown$1,086
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Koreatown$2,172
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Koreatown$3,258

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Is Koreatown Safe?

During the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Koreatown saw a lot of turmoil and unrest. After a period of looting and violence, K-Town saw a new wave of development at the beginning of the 21st century. This included the installation of a new subway line with multiple stations in the neighborhood, and the area is now much safer to live in.

According to Niche, 86% of respondents felt that Koreatown is pretty safe to live in. Although there is some crime – as with any city – it doesn’t appear to affect the residents much at all. In case of an emergency, you can contact the following hotline number.

Hotline number: Koreatown is serviced by two departments of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) – Rampart and Wilshire. For non-emergency crime reporting, you can call 877-ASK-LAPD. For urgent crime reports or emergency assistance, please call 911.

Public Transit in Koreatown

While looking for rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for the easiest ways of getting around town. If you’re on a tight budget and want to avoid the hassle of driving around a busy neighborhood, public transit systems are your best bet. Read on to learn more about the public transport available in K-Town below.


According to Walk Score, Koreatown’s 218 South New Hampshire Avenue scores a whopping 92 on 100, making it a Walker’s Paradise. That suggests you don’t need a vehicle or public transport to hit your favorite spots around town!

Nearby Bus Stations

Koreatown has five bus stations in close proximity – so close, in fact, that you can reach any of them in under 10 minutes! These are Wilshire/Harvard, 6th/Harvard, Wilshire/Western, Western/Wilshire, and Normandie/Wilshire.

Nearby Train Stations

There are two main subway stations in Koreatown LA, which are the Wilshire/Normandie station and the Wilshire/Vermont station.

Roads and Traffic

Since Koreatown is a bustling neighborhood, there is often congestion on the roads and a struggle to find parking spots. The best way to navigate the locality is by walking or using the local transport system, particularly at rush hour.

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Restaurants in Koreatown

If you’ve finally begun narrowing down rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA, you have to check out the unique food scene here! The restaurants in Koreatown serve a wide range of palates. You will find everything from authentic Korean and Latino food to the more well-known American restaurants like Lock and Key and Mountain Café.

This town is also known for being awake at all hours, which means you will never run out of pubs and karaoke bars to visit through the night. Here are some of the best restaurants in Koreatown for you to check out.

Sun Ha Jung

This restaurant is known for its Korean duck barbecue and has a lovely outdoor patio for you to enjoy your meal on. While the main meal is the duck itself, you also get a delicious portion of fried rice to tie everything together at Sun Ha Jung Restaurant.

Chosun Galbee

This is one of the oldest Korean Barbecue restaurants in Koreatown. With delicious flavors and a variety of meats, Chosun Galbee has stood the test of time. Can’t stay for dinner? They also offer takeout and delivery options if you’re just popping by.

Daedo Sikdang

With origins in Seoul, South Korea, Daedo Sikdang is the first restaurant of this heritage in the United States. Masterful beef steaks are served with simple sides, and you’ll be able to taste the very essence of your food.

Parks in Koreatown

An added advantage of looking for rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA, is the beautiful parks you will have access to. While some of them may only have space for walking, you can also find lovely ones with recreation centers and outdoor activities. Some of the best parks in Koreatown include:

Seoul International Park – This park encompasses a compact area that houses a playground, jogging track, baseball diamond, and indoor gym. It is located at 3250 San Marino Street if you’re passing.

Liberty Park – This is a park on a private property that offers great views to those who visit it. Because of the heritage it carries with it, Liberty Park is considered an LA City Cultural Monument. You’ll find it at 3700 Wilshire Boulevard if you’d like to pay it a visit.

Shopping in Koreatown

While Koreatown doesn’t take up a lot of space at only three square miles, it more than makes up for its size with its numerous shopping malls. If you enjoy a bit of retail therapy, here are some of the best places to shop while you’re on the lookout for rooms for rent in Koreatown, LA:

Koreatown Plaza – Located at 928 S Western Ave., Los Angeles 90006, this three-storey mall is Koreatown’s oldest mall and has over 70 stores indoors. From designer brands to jewelry, not to mention delicious street food, this place has it all.

Madang the Courtyard – Relatively new, this stop is both a shopping center and an entertainment unit all in one. You can find great desserts, shops, and also watch a variety of both Korean and English cinema here.

Koreatown Galleria: Galleria Market – This is the largest Korean market in all of LA and definitely not one to miss! You can find products from Korea, China, and Japan, as well as authentic Asian food, making this place a real treat for the senses.

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