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Getting to Know Marietta, GA

Located 15 miles northwest of Atlanta, Marietta is the city’s largest suburb. With an estimated population of 61,307, in 2020, Marietta is the 14th largest city in Georgia and the 625th largest city in the United States. Originally a hub for the Western and the Atlantic railroads, the city thrived off the trade this brought in, but the route was later relocated further south.

Marietta Square

Marietta is a great, family-friendly suburb with a small-town feel. Unique and friendly neighborhoods with traditional, modern, historic colonial and ranch-style homes run throughout the town.

The temperature, over the year, varies from 34°F to 88°F and is rarely below 22°F or above 94°F. Summers are hot and muggy; winters are cold and wet, but mercifully short; and it’s partly cloudy all year round.

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Finding rooms for rent in Marietta, GA

Many choose to live in Marietta due to its high employment rate, easy commute to Atlanta, low crime rate, small-town feel, and incredible local amenities such as parks, sports fields, and pools.

Before looking for rooms for rent in Marietta, here is something you need to know:

Neighborhoods situated away from main attractions, entertainment, and centrally located restaurants will offer cheap rooms for rent in Marietta, GA. Luckily, public transport, bicycles, and easy access to highways can get you to the center in no time at all.

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Top Neighborhoods in Marietta, GA

  • Chestnut Creek: an appealing neighborhood in the heart of East Cobb County. The architectural styles dominant here are Traditional and Colonial. Some community amenities at Chestnut Creek include tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a residents-only park.
Chestnut Creek, Marietta, GA
  • Windsor Oaks: a community dominated by Traditional and Ranch-style homes. Properties are sizeable, as it is an upscale, family-oriented community. Residents of Windsor Oaks have access to an Olympic-sized pool, four lighted tennis courts, two event pavilions, a playground, a basketball goal, and a sand volleyball court.
Windsor Oaks
  • Addison Heights: features mid-size homes that are reasonably priced and predominantly built in the Ranch and Traditional styles. Finding cheap rooms for rent in Marietta may require patience, but you should be able to find some with this blog’s help! Addison Heights features a variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance along Canton Road.
Addison Heights

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Average rent in Marietta, GA

Room For Rent In Marietta GAAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Marietta, GA$727
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Marietta, GA$1,454
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Marietta, GA$2,181

University life in Marietta, GA

University life is all about learning to grow personally and professionally. If you’re going to be attending one of the below colleges, make the most of your time in Marietta by finding cheap rooms to rent, either off- or on-campus.

  • Lincoln Tech (Lincoln College of Technology): from 1946 to the present, this exemplary college has offered pathways to diverse careers from the Automotive to the Cosmetology industry, and everything in between. Learn Skilled Trades, Healthcare, Culinary, and Information Technology, all at Lincoln Tech.
  • Life University: the top private chiropractic school in the county – and possibly the state.
Life University Human Resources, Marietta, GA
KSU Mascot, Marietta, GA
  • Fortis College at Smyrna: programs here are career-focused. Online learning is available for many of their courses. The new Cobb Center Campus is located at 2140 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna.
  • Strayer University: offers programs focused on the technical skills needed for today’s high-tech industries. It aims to prepare young students and up-skill adults. Their online degrees are well-recognized and respected. Strayer University, found in Cobb County, is located approximately 5.8 miles from Marietta, GA.
Strayer University, Cobb County, GA

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How transit-friendly is Marietta?

1. Walkability

There are not many places you can walk in Marietta. Overall, this isn’t a big city, but you will need a car if you live in Marietta. Despite that, Marietta Square is one place where there are tree-lined paths to walk along.

Marietta Square, GA

2. Roads/traffic

Roads are well marked and in good condition – plus, parking is plentiful and usually free. When schools are in, you’ll find that traffic is bumper-to-bumper, even on the small, two-way roads. Peak traffic hours are 6:30.a.m. to 9:00.a.m., and 4:00.p.m. to 6:30.p.m. On Fridays, rush hour starts in the early afternoon.

3. Taxis

Taxis will need to be scheduled in advance – otherwise, be prepared to wait for up to 30 minutes, if you call on the day.

  • Victory Cab of Marietta – 770-428-2626
  • Legends Taxi Cab Co – 770-426-5100
  • Universal Taxi – 770-794-8400
  • Cobb County Taxi – 770-952-0999

4. Public transportation

CobbLinc is a bus public transit system in Cobb County, Georgia. It services areas throughout Cobb County to Downtown Atlanta via Fixed, Express, or Para-transit services.


Restaurants in Marietta, GA

Barbecue joints and steakhouses dominate the cuisine scene in Marietta.

  • Taqueria Tsunami: a Mexican-Asian fusion joint for great food and drinks. They offer signature cocktails and a rotating selection of craft beers.
Taqueria Tsunami, Marietta, GA
  • Stockyard (Burgers and Bones): Great burgers and steaks with an assortment of sides. Beef, chicken, and vegetable burgers that cater to all palates. Plus, of course, their city-famous steaks!
Stockyard Burger & Bones, Marietta, GA
Johnnie MacCracken’s Celtic Firehouse Pub, Marietta, GA

Cultural Activities in Marietta, GA

Most events take place in Glover Park in the historic Marietta Square.

  • Taste of Marietta: one of the largest and protracted ambrosial events in Georgia, held annually on the last Sunday in April.
  • ChalkFest: a weekend-long festival that takes place in and around Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art and the historic Marietta Square.
  • Marietta Greek Festival: showcases the food, music, and culture of Greece. An event with tons of music and other activities to indulge in.
  • Marietta Streetfest: hosts local artists and one of the biggest yearly fundraisers.
Event in Marietta

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