You just got to the Big Apple, the target of all your hopes and dreams. Maybe you’re an aspiring actor trying to break into Broadway, or the burgeoning TV and movie scene? Maybe you are just looking to get out of your one traffic light town. Or you just like the hustle and bustle of the big city.  But no one told you that the rent for an average studio is over two grand a month. And a one-bedroom is another thousand dollars on top of that. Here’s what we have to say. Shared housing in Manhattan. Ever heard of that?

Now, maybe the landlord takes firstborn children for the kind of apartments seen on Friends or How I Met Your Mother, but one shouldn’t assume such things. If you move in with a buddy, or even into a place with strangers, they can help you live those halcyon dreams of the upstart writer in New York, penning the next great American novel by day and pursuing craft cocktail bars in Williamsburg by night.

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Okay, here’s some real talk.

Human beings are, by their natures, social beings. We crave to be around others, and loneliness is real when you’re all by yourself in your apartment on any given weeknight. Not to mention that housing in Manhattan is incredibly expensive, so splitting the load could make a really nice place with decent amenities.

But let’s be real here, not all of those who want to share housing in Manhattan do so because of the rent cost. As mentioned in this New York Times article, there are many who move in with others in the city who don’t have to, because they like the company, or because of cultural reasons. Those who like to have someone around the house, just to push away the silence of an otherwise empty place or to bounce ideas off. Some even don’t mind paying a little more to share an apartment with another.

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Why should you consider shared housing in Manhattan?

There are a few reasons why finding a roommate could be a preferred mode of living in Manhattan. Especially in place of striking out all on your own. Perhaps you always wanted a dog. But don’t want all the responsibility of having a puppy of your own. Well, if your roomie has a pup, you’d probably get to pet the rascal all day long! Without needing to pick up any sidewalk treats in the rain and snow. Maybe you are new to the city and need someone to show you where the cool things are, living with locals can be like having your own personal Yelp page in the next room.

With the idea of having a roommate becoming more acceptable in the American zeitgeist, there are many places where one can find someone they could platonically shack up with. Roomi has made it so simple for New Yorkers and out-of-towners to get what they want out of shared housing in Manhattan.

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Whatever the reasons, having roommates in Manhattan makes your life in New York City all the better. For a city of over eight million locals, and God only knows how many tourists, living in Manhattan should never be a lonely experience. Sometimes, just knowing that there is another warm body within your four walls could make all the difference.

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