The Long Island City neighborhood in Queens is an industrial center no longer. It has evolved into an affordable place to enjoy a thriving arts scene and a waterfront park with some of the best views of Manhattan you’re going to get this side of a helicopter. Despite being crazy close to Manhattan, a mere 20 minutes, Long Island City feels a lot quieter than you might expect. Perfect for anyone looking to play hard in the city and sleep hard at home. Here’s Roomi’s Long Island City neighborhood review.

Enjoy the thriving arts scene

The Long Island City neighborhood in Queens is very active in the fine arts. MoMa PS1 is, in fact, one of the largest and oldest non-profit contemporary arts centers not just in NYC, but in the entire country. If the idea of being one of the first to discover an emerging artist whose work stimulates discussion, ignites ideas and drives change, then you should be a regular visitor to MoMa.

The Sunday sessions live performances let you experience firsthand real time performances from new and established artists. You can enjoy their latest musical performances, dances, speeches and more. And while MoMa encourages donations, the PS1 center is free for NYC residents while you’re in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens.

Get the best views of Manhattan when you’re in the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens

If you want some of the absolute best views of the Manhattan skyline, day or night, then head on over to Gantry State Park from the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens. It’s a five minute ride from Manhattan. So getting to the park, or heading to the lively and exciting Manhattan scene afterwards, are pretty easy. Gantry State Park is right on the waterfront. The views of the Manhattan skyline are totally unobstructed. The East River here is very peaceful, making it prime selfie-shot territory to send jealously-inducing pics to your friends.

They have regular events and activities, including exercise classes and a 5K race if running and fitness is your thing. For something a little more cerebral, they have chess and checker matches along the waterfront for you to enjoy. The list of activities goes on and on, from Easter egg hunts to fishing to weddings. So we give an absolute thumbs up for our Long Island City neighborhood review!

There are plenty of sweet choices for dating and socializing

Gantry State Park and the surrounding area are full of options for places to eat as well, in case you want to bring your date to a nice spot by the river. The Riverview is very classy but also quite friendly. Their bottomless brunch option is perfect if you’re active in the dating scene. For a more informal place to eat in a group with friends, head on over to the Corner Bistro. It has the kind of energetic vibe that is perfect for winding up your Friday night.

The Long Island City neighborhood in Queens has an average monthly rent of $1,018 on It offers affordable living incredibly close to Manhattan. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the exciting social scene New York City is world famous for, but have a home base to return to where you can actually sleep.

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