To some, the colony of red brick buildings on the east side of Manhattan appears mysterious and even a bit obscure. But these post-war apartments might be the city’s best-kept housing secret. And living in Stuytown has its own undeniable charm. Stuyvesant Town, or Stuytown, and its sister development Peter Cooper Village make up a complex of 110 apartment buildings stretching from First Ave. to Avenue C, between 14th and 23rd streets.

Most New Yorkers don’t know what to make of Stuytown, having originated as a gas house district converted for WWII vets, the complex doesn’t have the most inviting construction. But one stroll through its green parks the mystery falls, and true appreciation can be found in this underrated locality.

History of Stuytown!

The history of Stuytown is a controversial one. In the 40’s it touted as a  “whites-only” elitist area. This discrimination was struck down in 1950 with the residential campaign leading to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Despite its troubled past, Stuytown is now a safe and welcoming community with its own public safety force of peace officers.

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What’s living in Stuytown like?

Stuytown consists of regular walks and bike rides through well-paved trails a-mid parks and trees with a fountain in the center of the complex. Amongst the 30,000 residents, there is a relaxing small-town feel. Stuytown is close to Manhattan’s east side entertainment, restaurants, bars, music, and theaters. If you don’t want to leave the neighborhood for some grub checkout the Five Stuy Cafe only steps away from your apartment. When you want to venture out the L train connects to several Manhattan and Brooklyn lines.

Strengthening its sense of community, Stuytown has its own farmers market from May to late November. Every Sunday morning you’ll see local vendors setting up shop. From farm-to-table goodies, organic produce, to taco trucks, the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket is enjoyed by New Yorkers from all boroughs.

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The amenities you’ll find.

Among other amenities Stuytown has, a community gym, is located along the east river, and welcomes registered pets. Rent is affordable to middle-class earners and there are quite a bit of NYU students in the area. Apartments have an open layout with a newly renovated feel. Beyond its affordability, the true selling point of Stuytown is its convenient location, small-town atmosphere, and overall good vibes.

Don’t let this overlooked spot pass you by.

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