Cohabitation never felt so homely! Your roommate is your best friend, family, teacher, guide, and safe place when the world around you is going crazy. It’s only natural to feel intricately connected with them, and now you can’t tell if it’s a deep friendship, attachment, or LOVE? Here are some of the obvious signs that you are falling in love with your roommate.

1. Your friends think that you two are inseparable! You’re always doing things together – shopping, cleaning, working, traveling. And you and your roommate love it.

2. Even when you’re away from each other, you’re constantly texting each other!

3. The idea of a perfect evening is spending time with your roommate watching movies and playing board games, rather than going out and meeting other people.

4. But if you do go out, you go together. And come back together. *Package deal alert!*

5. Your social groups are comfortably intertwined, and you love having that with your roommate.

6. You two have your SO’s, but you enjoy spending time with each other rather than your SO’s. And they often wonder if you’re in love with your roommate.

7. You get jealous when they compliment someone even when they don’t intend to pursue it romantically.

8. You and your roommate love bickering like an old married couple about household chores and cleaning responsibilities. Because you definitely did the dishes the last time. *thinks hard when confronted – did I, I did, right?*

9. But you make up as soon as you fight by doing sweet things for each other.

10. You’re super comfortable around each other and have no reservations whatsoever! If that’s not roommate love, wha

11. You two are literally like two peas in a pod!

12. You have the best conversations with them, and you know each other’s secrets, fears, history, and even future plans. Your communication is so strong that you can tell when either one feels irritated, sad, or excited without ever having to speak.

13. You talk about everything under the sun – from pollution, population, life in general, and then end up feeling existential together.

14. You proof each other’s essays and official emails. That’s real roommate love right there.

15. You motivate and drive each other all the time!

16. Your roommate is always up for some crazy times – witching hour meals, wine overkill, bicycle rides at 3 am, treasure hunts in the jungle.

17. You’re in touch with each other’s parents.

18. You are each other’s emergency contact for any and all legal/formal applications.

19. You always ask their opinion on clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, and haircuts, knowing that it probably irritates the living hell out of them.

20. You two have the same sense of humor!

21. Your roommate knows you better than you know yourself.

22. You cook for each other, especially on days when work and life are being extra hard on your roommate.

23. The thought of getting a new Roomi is just not an option for you because of this amazingly perfect world you two have built together.

24. You find yourself getting lost in your roommate’s eyes, especially when they’re talking to you.

25. You honestly think that your roommate is probably the best person on the planet earth. So beautiful inside out, so sensitive, so intelligent, and hardworking – gosh!

26. You feel yourself melting around them! Especially if they’re standing really close to you. * turns into a puddle *

27. You can literally feel ’em butterflies in your tummy when you think what a cute couple you two would make.

28. You won’t deny that you have thought about dating your roommate, leading to freaking out and then mentally slapping yourself back to reality.

29. No, but seriously, you wonder what it would be like to date them. Life would be so easy, fun, and filled with love & laughter.

30. You wonder if they think about dating you too?

31…wonder if they think about you romantically the way you do?

32. It’s not like you can’t live without them? But you don’t want to!

33. Should you tell them, maybe ask them out? Wait!!! Are you in love with your roommate?

Did you find yourself mentally nodding at most of the pointers above? Then it’s time we help you address your feelings correctly. In our next blog, we will analyze what your next steps should be if you feel like you’ve fallen in love with your roommate.

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