Is your coliving buddy giving you the heebie-jeebies and making you question your decision to move in with them? Well, if it is any consolation, there are all sorts of people in the world. Chances are that your coliving pairing needs some rhythm adjustment or perhaps a do-over. You started out strong, but things seem to be really off lately, and it’s making you wonder. TBH, your situation with your coliving buddy could either be temporary or permanent. Begin by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How is my bond with my roommate? Is it a toxic relationship/love-hate relationship?
  2. Is there something that changed that’s making my otherwise cool roommate creepy?

It’s only when you know what the problem is, you can find an appropriate solution. So let’s look at some common coliving situations that are turning your coliving buddy into a creep.

Creepy Coliving Situation #1 The Drunken One Night Stand

  • Awkward *

Pandemic frustration or your loss of motor skills after a few shots, the aftermath can be quite uncomfortable. Coliving encounters such as these either blossom into love affairs or turn into a toxic relationship. So if your roommate won’t give up pursuing you and making you uneasy, here’s what you need to do.

Roomi suggests: Stop pushing the problem under the rug and confront it. If suggesting this talk is uncomfy in person, try texts/DMs/emails – whatever sails your boat. Make sure to hear their side of the story and mutually find ways to make this less awkward. Make sure to treat carefully if there are any romantic feelings attached. If the unrequited love is too unbearable for either one of you, we suggest finding a new roommate or coliving setup. Do this to prevent heartbreaks & limit proximity.

Help! I Am In Love With My Roommate!

Creepy Coliving Situation #2 The Goth Who Loves Witchcraft

Ahh, this one! When you first met them their quick wit, charm, and unique dressing made you inquisitive. Your new coliving bud was so cool that their personality totally bewitched you. However, now you can’t help but notice them giving you the occasional cold stare at 3 AM while mumbling incoherently. * big gulp *

Roomi suggests: Everyone has different beliefs & religions they follow. As long as their beliefs are not hurting you or making you uncomfortable, it’s manageable. However, in a coliving, if your beliefs don’t match then the chances of your pairing turning into a toxic relationship is quite high. So you have the option of finding a roommate who shares your beliefs or staying with someone who makes you uneasy.

Creepy Coliving Situation #3 The Pervy Roommate

This type is quite the shameless one in our mix. They eye you like a piece of pâtisserie and you always find them tracking you in the room. They have zero sense of personal space and they love to pass inappropriate comments about how gorgeous your legs are. You have warned them a number of times but now this coliving setting is too much for your to handle.

Roomi Suggests: A roommate should never make you feel queasy and unsafe in your own home. Toxic relationships aside, a pervy roommate will always have you watching your back. It can be repulsive, irritating and frightening too. It sucks but you have to bid them a farewell ASAP. Make sure to tell a close one about your situation and gather enough evidence to evict them.

The Nice Way to Evict Your Roommate

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