Living in NYC has been a dream for many, and it reminds me of the lines from the song by Frank Sinatra, “I want to wake up in a city That never sleeps and find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap.”

Indeed, the city doesn’t sleep but to feel like a king of the hill is a bit too ambitious. Oh Sinatra, the raging cost of rentals in the city barely makes us New yorkers feel like king/queen of our own homes. Especially, in a coliving setting (in a studio apartment) where ‘finding space’ is a luxury.

So if you’re someone who’s looking to carve a cozy space in a coliving environment, the following tips will prove to be super helpful!

1. Create a cozy dining area while living in NYC

Studios are considered to be cheap apartments in New York as opposed to a house with maybe two bedrooms. Obvio! However, the biggest problem with studios is that you’re looking at your kitchen, bedroom, living room – basically your whole house in one landscape. No division whatsoever! It doesn’t have to be this way, guys, you can always use room dividers to create a visual distinction whenever you want to separate a room from the other.

How to use these wooden dividers in a coliving setting?

Say, you want to carve a small area to enjoy meals or coffee with your coliving buddies. Instead of carrying your meals to your respective beds, set a portable wooden divider close to your kitchen and add a tiny table with coffee stools for a cutesy coffee corner at home! Adorable, right?

Roomi Advice: It is good practice to check with your roomis before installing big things or rearranging. It’s their home too- give them a chance to share their thoughts and ideas on redecoration & home decor.

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Use wooden/bamboo dividers to create a visual distinction in your studio apartments while living in NYC. Image Credits: Pinterest Photo link –

2. Create a work from home office setup

By now we all are accustomed to the WFH culture. Not just peeps living in NYC, but around the world. So now you and your roommate not only have to share your space as coliving buds but also as co-workers! Now, I know this can be uncomfortable and challenging if you don’t have your workspace. I mean, you don’t want them to hear your boss highlighting your errors nor do you want them to show up half-naked when you’re on a zoom business meeting with clients.

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How to set up a home office in a studio apartment while living in NYC?

  • Secure a spot to make your home office and set some ground rules with your roommate.

These collapsible wall tables is just what you need for your studio apartment in NYC. Image credits: Pinterest

  • Get a collapsible wall table or make yourself a DIY laptop cubicle. Make sure to set up in a place where the background isn’t too busy – preferably a wall.
  • Get a comfortable foldable chair that you can slide under your bed or rest against the wall

Another cool idea for all the crafty people in the house! Image credits: Pinterest

  • You can use plants as decoration to visually separate your work area from your bedroom.

Living in NYC is synonymous with knowing the art of using your space! This DIY plant decoration in a rack is a unique idea for creating room separations. Image credits: Pinterest

3. Create a lounge area for friends and guests

If you’re lucky you will save yourself some space to create a cozy lounge for your coliving buddies or friends to watch movies with. Prop your tv up on the wall to save space and don’t invest in a screen sooo big that it literally throws you and your coliving buddies out of your own studio apartment. No seriously! Use your space well and get a flat-screen depending on the space that’s left.

You can add a fluffy mattress or floor cushions for ’em cosy vibes ?

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Image credits: Pinterest

We hope that our blog helps you settle and carve your space while living in NYC!

Have you tried any of this tricks before? Let us know in the comments section below ?