You’ve found the perfect pad, at the perfect price, in the city you’ve been dying to live in. Roomi may have helped you score some amazing NYC roommates but conflict has arisen, and even if you’re not a fan of adulting, you’re going to need to know how to resolve a roommate fight– without the sticky notes.

Boundaries and house rules

Setting boundaries and creating house rules can be uncomfortable for someone you’re just meeting, even life long friends struggle with this when choosing to cohabitate. But, it’s a necessary awkward that pays off. It’s important to create your rules and to be aware of others. When you hear knocking on your room door because your bass dropped one too many times-don’t be surprised since “Noise Level” is number 7 of the house rules. Honor NYC roommate rules and hold each other accountable. Keep house rules in a public area so all roommates have access and as a reminder. Here you can find tips on where to begin when creating house rules and boundaries with NYC roommates.

You had a fight with your roommate about Timing

​You woke up late and your can of Axe was empty- not only did your boss yell at you but you smell. It’s been an all round bad day. Coming home and seeing the same red pot in the sink for the 3rd day in a row has broken the camel’s back and suddenly it’s HulkMania in Apt 102. Before your living room reaches WWE status, consider whether the timing of the confrontation is appropriate and you are not fueled by misdirected stress. The sooner you address the issue, the better it is. In the event that you do blow-off steam whilst confronting a roommate issue, quickly and sincerely apologize for it. Anger charged discussions accomplish nothing and you’ll end up washing the dishes out of guilt anyway.

Face to face communication

Roommate Facebook pages, group chat/text, and dry erase boards are all modern day platforms for asking NYC roommates to supply their share of toilet paper. When it comes to resolving a fight, discussing broken rules, or confrontation it should be done face to face with all roommates present. Often times what is said in text can be misconstrued. “No, I’m not yelling at you, I’m just really excited about toilet paper”. Avoid THAT conversation by talking to each other more often. The environment of the discussion should feel safe and no single roommate attacked by the rest. So, to effectively resolve a NYC roommate fight, lose the emoji’s and call for a house meeting.

How to fight fair​ with your roommate

Fighting rules with roommates are the same ones you apply to a fight with anyone else. Be respectful, understanding, learn to compromise, and allow for open communication. Living with roommates will teach you a lot about yourself and your conflict resolution abilities. Now you’ve got the tools to use to resolve a roommate fight. Following this advice will keep the peaceful vibes flowing and allow for an exciting and fulfilling NYC roommate experience. With the RoomiApp you may discover the boat doesn’t rock as much since you’ve found the perfect apartment at the perfect price. That’s definitely one less thing to fight about.