Living with a roommate isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it’s not possible to get along with everyone – especially when it comes to dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. When a roommate doesn’t pay their dues or leaves coffee mugs in the living room every single day, it may be time to evict your roommate. Basically, the bottom line is that you deserve to feel comfortable and at peace in your own home.

Evicting a roommate can be a touchy subject, especially if you’re someone who would rather avoid confrontation. But there’s nothing to worry about – we’re here to help you navigate through this ordeal so you know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to evicting your roommate.

Before making any rash decisions, we recommend you familiarize yourself with your state’s tenant’s rights. Many states dictate that even if your roommate does not have their name on the lease, they’re eligible to stay. If you’re both co-tenants, your roommates’ violations of your apartment lease might also put you at risk of being evicted. Once you gain clarity on your rights as a renter, you can make more empowered decisions.

1. When should you evict your roommate?

Evicting someone from their home was never going to be easy. But no one wants to put up with a roommate who’s become a problem either. Knowing when to evict your roommate depends on how uncomfortable you and others in the house are. If your roommate is stealing from you, compromising your security, or bringing in people that have long overstayed their welcome, then it’s time to make a quick decision and just evict your roommate.

Maybe the reason for your anger with your roommate is something that they can change or work on. Try having a genuine conversation about the issue you’re facing. In case this does not bring in results, take it as a sign and move forward with your eviction plan.

2. Gather evidence to evict your roommate properly

Gathering evidence to evict your roommate does sound very Sherlock Holmes. But trust us, you’re going to need it to build your case. Evidence is simply proof that will make your case stronger, especially if they are doing something illegal or dangerous. So, gather any evidence that backs up your claim eg. take pictures of damage caused in the apartment or the pets that are not allowed in your rental home. Save the rent receipts if your roommate has failed to pay rent or share utilities. Be careful not to violate the privacy of your roommate while gathering evidence.

3. Prepare for that conversation

Is it normal to dread this conversation with your roommate? Yes. This conversation is something you probably need to think about and prepare for in advance. It’s best to go into it with a calm mind. Knowing how to evict your roommate will be a learning experience and hopefully it’ll deliver the outcome you need.

4. Finally, tell them they need to move out

As you prepare yourself to have this conversation, it’s important to know that the way you present your case will determine how your roommate feels about the entire situation. For example, you don’t have to tell your roommate you don’t want to live with them. Instead, you could say that you want to try living alone or someone else who is close to you is moving in with you.

Basically, you don’t have to disclose the specifics of why you want them to move out; you can be as diplomatic as possible. Try to keep blame and pent-up anger far away, and you should be mild in your approach and tell them that maybe this is not a good fit, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not a good person.

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To sum it up…

  • Before you evict your roommate, give them at least two to three months of advance notice, asking them to leave at the end of the lease if possible.
  • Understand that moving out in a pandemic can be tricky. You can offer your help in finding a new place.
  • Have concrete information ready, like the exact date you want them out, but be prepared to answer all their questions respectfully.

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