Your roommate snores and you can’t sleep? Then you probably might be looking for solutions to make your quality of sleep great again. *wink*

And for that, we know you’d relate to reddit user SPQR_XVIII.

Here’s assuming you’ve already gone through the comments section on the thread and had a good laugh! Now we can proceed to find some solutions for your sleep-addled brain.

Here some things you can do to reclaim your quality of sleep – and ultimately, your quality of life.

Don’t get annoyed because your roommate snores

We get it! Poor quality of sleep night-after-night can really take its toll on you. But before you unleash the fury on your snoring roommate, remember that this is not their fault! There’s every chance they’re pretty embarrassed about the issue anyway.

Find a polite way to approach your roommate who snores

If your roommate snores and affects your quality of sleep, bring up the problem gently. Then try to explore solutions together to move forward.

Try saying something like, “hey, do you know you snore pretty badly and it’s affecting my quality of sleep?” rather than, “why the hell are you so loud when you sleep?!”

Explore anti-snoring solutions with your roommate’s consent

There are some affordable products on the market and it’s worth requesting your roommate to give them a go. While they don’t work for everyone, you might just get lucky. 

So if your roommate snores and affects your quality of sleep, try recommending the following to them.

Recommend nasal strips

Nasal strips are relatively cheap and comfortable to wear. An adhesive strip that’s attached to the nose at bedtime, nasal strips relieve congestion in order to reduce or even eliminate snoring.

Suggest trying a sleep apnea mask

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects breathing during sleep. If your roommate snores because of sleep apnea, their quality of sleep must be affected too. It can even potentially be dangerous for them.

So try suggesting they visit a doctor, or try sleep apnea masks as a solution.

Consider whether your roommate snores because of a medical issue

Often, snoring is an indicator of a temporary issue, such as alcohol consumption or a blocked nose. But if your roommate snores chronically every night, there could be another driving force behind all the noise.

In some cases, snoring can point to a more serious medical issue, such as mentioned above – sleep apnea.

Safe to assume that there isn’t always a simple “fix” and you should approach the issue with your snoring roommate gently. Remember that you’re (probably) not a doctor, so don’t share your free diagnosis with your roommate. 

Instead, suggest they visit a doctor to check for sleep apnea. Be patient while your roommate researches the problem and tries to get to the bottom of it. Before they shared a room with you, they may not have even been aware of the problem. So the entire thing could come as a shock to them. Be considerate. 

Move out, or find a new roommate

If nothing changes, and your quality of sleep is seriously affected, you should probably find a new roommate.

Talk to your resident advisor (if you’re in a college dorm) or your landlord about finding a new roommate. Explain that your roommate snores and ultimately affects your quality of sleep. Also tell them about the steps you’ve already taken to try to solve them.

Quality of sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Although, your roommate snores without the intention of harming you, you might want to consider searching for a new sleeping situation.

By handling the situation delicately and avoiding turning to passive-aggressive behavior, the two of you should be able to maintain a positive relationship – roommates or not.

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