The most challenging part of a small bathroom is organizing the space in it. A bathroom becomes the storage spot for so many things that a small bathroom can quickly become your most hated spot in the house. It’s easy to end up with a space that is cluttered, and dysfunctional. And this is definitely not the best way to start your day. So what do you do when you’re stuck looking at your reflection among a pile of things that you don’t need, and an unseen pile of things that you need but can’t find? Here are our best bathroom hacks, for organizing storage, especially in a small bathroom!

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Bathroom hacks can only benefit you after a good decluttering.

Once you’ve taken everything out, to give yourself a fresh canvas to work with, we suggest the following things:

Clean the area completely.

The area that remains, once you’ve taken out everything that you can take out from your bathroom, move on to the cleaning! Make sure to wash the shower curtain, get under the shelves, and scrub your tub floors!

Make sure every item has a designated spot.

The first step to bringing order to a disorganized bathroom (after decluttering!) is making sure that every single item has a designated spot. This is especially challenging, again, due to the lack of space, which affects everything from where to put your toothbrush and toothpaste to how to store the extra towels and toilet paper rolls.

If you let your creativity run wild, without caring for “how things should be”, the results can be quite exciting!

Small bathroom hacks we absolutely swear by!

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Assigning drawers to the different members of the house using the bathroom.

If more than one family member uses the same bathroom, keep their supplies in designated drawers. These drawers can then be organized with drawer organizers to minimize the transfer of germs and those shrieks of “So-and-so used my toothpaste and squeezed from the middle!”

Label each divider with a name to remind everyone to put their things back exactly where they belong.

Roll up washcloths and store them in an upright file sorter.

If there’s anything we left behind in 2020, was tiny towers of awkwardly folded towels that always end up falling exactly where the puddle of water on our bathroom floor is. Using upright magazine and file sorters for storing towels is by far one of our most favorite bathroom hacks!

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Eliminating visual clutter with uniform containers.

There’s actual clutter, and we know you work hard to eliminate that from your bathroom. But then there’s visual clutter, the “noise” of colorful labels and different-sized containers. To infuse your shower with the spa feeling you crave, dry decanting into eye-pleasing, uniform containers.

The walls beside the vanity are the perfect place for a shelf, if your counter space is lacking.

A shelf next to the vanity will undoubtedly keep things off the counters. But that’s not all. This will allow your entire bathroom a more picked-up look but still leave the items you use daily within easy reach. And it’s deeper than the shelves of built-in medicine cabinets, so you can stop wishing you had one!

Incorporate a tray to unify small essentials.

Another organizing classic from our archive of bathroom hacks, this one is literally just putting small objects on trays to make your left-out essentials look purposefully placed. Small products and tools are conveniently on-hand but look like a curated collection that’s meant to be there.

Use an under-sink organizer that adjusts to accommodate your plumbing and maximize space.

This is one of those bathroom hacks that we stole from our moms. Under-sink organizers are specifically made to make the most of the space beneath your sink. By going vertical, this expandable under-sink organizer allows you to stack cleaning supplies or bulkier bathroom items, no digging or shuffling things around necessary.

Hang a shower organizer from the same hooks as your shower curtain.

You can hang more than just the shower curtain from the shower curtain rod. Make the very same hooks do double duty by adding a small shower pocket organizer on the inside of the curtain to get your necessities off the tub ledges or shower floor discreetly. ?

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