Do you think it’s hard work to transition into a gentleman? We are here to give you the best men’s grooming tips/ manscaping hacks! Consider us your hunky fairy godmother. Let’s take a wand out and woosh you to the very real land where body hair, blackheads & acne can be managed. With these grooming tips, you won’t need any fancy men’s grooming products!

Have you ever wondered why some men look presentable all the time? Hair is on point, skin clear, clothes crisp. They look effortless, but they weren’t born that way. (Shhh, the secret is grooming tips, not just fancy men’s grooming products!) Instead, they know how to work on themselves and adopt useful grooming tips. If you want to go from drab to fab in a little time, read on!

There is no shame in proper grooming. Men’s grooming tips are a noble art. In fact, being well-groomed is an essential part of being a gentleman. For instance, A shabby look is not acceptable in most professional settings, and every woman appreciates a little cleanliness *wink wink.* Our men’s grooming tips are for the everyday male that just wants to look a little sharper each day.

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1. Hair grooming tips: find out which men’s grooming hair products work for you

To start with the basic grooming tips, starting with the most important of them all: hair.

If you have thick hair, then pomade and waxes are for you. For thin-hair, choose lighter men’s grooming products. Additionally, there are even men’s grooming products available for those with no hair at all! All this is a reflection of men’s products in the market, and the “no size fits all” philosophy. Therefore, it’s best to do your research as most men’s grooming products do what they say on the label.

Do some light research before going on a shopping spree. Remember that frequent shampoo may not be necessary for many as it dries up the skin and hair, leading to a dull fizzy look. If you can, try shampooing every other day.

2. Grooming tip supreme: Discover your signature scent!

Smelling nice is probably of the most important grooming tips. Choose colognes and aftershaves that complement you. Men’s grooming products, especially when it comes to perfumes- should not knock passers-by out cold.

Pro scent grooming tip: Instead of going for ten different brands, it is best to fine-tune one or two classy ones that you like. Generally speaking, citrus-based notes are perfect for summer, and woody, spicy, or herby ones go well in winter. Men’s grooming is fine-tuned with a signature scent!

3. Men’s grooming product that could use more clout: The face scrub

Weekly face scrubs with a concoction designed to remove your dead outer skin should keep your skin shining and in its prime. Opt for men’s grooming products with natural ingredients like oats or apricot kernels instead of microbeads. (These grooming tips do not mess with the environment!) Your shining confidence should not come at a high cost to the planet.

4. Men’s grooming products to deal with dark circles

Take our advice, just go to bed early, and you won’t have to deal with it. However, some people are just more prone to dark circles, so if that’s you, use a roll-on eye cream to reduce puffiness and dullness. For a homemade hack, make a paste using powdered fenugreek seeds and curd. Works like a miracle!

5. Grooming tips for hands: Trim those nails

The best time to trim your nails is after a shower. Once softened, nails trim easily. Equally important, use men’s grooming products that help moisturize rough, flaky skin around the nail bed every couple of days.

6. Grooming tips for beautiful skin: ALWAYS use sunscreen!

Did you know that applying sunscreen reduces aging, wrinkles, as well as the risk of skin cancer? Use a mild SPF15 moisturizer as part of your daily grooming. It will nourish and protect at the same time.

7. Men’s grooming products to manage your facial fizz

It’s not 2019 anymore. The caveman look is long gone, and the quarantine look is here to stay! Even though some of us are working from home and limiting social gatherings, let’s not use that as an excuse to grow our unruly manes. Therefore, maintenance is essential. A decent beard trimmer will shave off unsightly neck hairs and give a semblance of care and presentation.

Tip: To reduce itchy new beard, condition it along with your hair when you shower. Rinse after you leave the conditioner in for a few minutes. It gets moisturized and is much less irritable on the face.

8. . . Or learn to shave well

If you have a stone sharp jawline, you might as well go for a good ol’ neat shave. Learn to glide your razor with prepared skin that is pre-oiled to let the blade glide smoothly. Additionally, soak your blade in hot water to allow your pores to widen and reduce irritation and redness.

If you feel like it’s a chore, let a professional handle it once a week (if quarantine rules in your city allow!) Try to moisturize your beard with olive oil instead of shaving foam to reduce nasty razor burns.

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