Winters in New York City can be rough. It’s so cold and dark all the time that sometimes you just need to get away from it all. And with this year being the absolute worst, a weekend getaway is even more tempting.

Here are some places around NYC that you can visit for a quick weekend getaway and enjoy some much-needed change of scenery.

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Bear Mountain, NY

Bear Mountain is one of the easiest ways to get away from the chaos of NYC and enjoy some nature. Only an hour and fifteen minutes away from the city, it might actually take you longer to get to the airport than it would take you to get here. There’s a beautiful state park you can visit that sits on the mountains on the west bank of the Hudson. You can go for a hike and a bike ride or even have a lovely picnic with your travel companion.


Foxfire Mountain House, NY

Only two hours and ten minutes from NYC, the Foxfire Mountain House is magnificent. This is the perfect destination for anyone who wants a relaxing weekend getaway. This is a great place for a quiet, renovating getaway that all of us have craved all throughout this year. Just don’t forget to bring a book.

Credit: Foxfire Mountain House

Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, NY

Have you ever looked at pictures from Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July parties and immediately wanted to be a part of it? Yeah, same here. Well, the Whiteface Lodge is probably the closest any of will get to living out that fantasy. This retreat truly has its all- 30 acres of property filled with pools and hot tubs, a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and an 8,000-square foot spa. You can even go skiing in the Whiteface Mountains. What else could you possibly need from a getaway?


Troutbeck, NY

Cottagecore enthusiasts, gather around – this one’s for you. Around a couple of hours away from NYC, this is the place where woodland fairies go down to live. It also just happens to be the place where Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Ralph Waldo Emerson once stayed. Surrounded by the woods, it is hard to not be artistically inspired while you’re living here. So pack up your weekend suitcase and your half-finished manuscript, and book yourself a vacation here.


Kennebunkport Inn, ME

This one’s a little far away, but believe us, it is well worth the effort. A small town in Coastal Main, Kennebunkport has a charm like no other city. Five hours and fifteen minutes away from NYC, this resort really pulls out all the stops to celebrate the holiday season- rumor has it that you might even find a Christmas tree and holiday decorations in your room. Talk about joyful. And get this- to make up for how crappy 2020 has been, they are turning the hotel into a Christmas Village! We’re talking about a curling ring, igloos and private gondolas! I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the holiday season than here with a warm cup of cocoa.


The Hamptons, L.I.

About three hours away from NYC, The Hamptons are a classic weekend getaway for New Yorkers. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s outright gorgeous, with its sandy beaches and untouched sceneries, this place is the haven for grumpy city dwellers. There’s something for everyone in The Hamptons- whether you want to go out drinking (you must check out Fellingham’s) or just rest on the beach, you can find something to soothe your soul. Just be sure to try the lobster rolls there. Seriously, you will not regret it.


The Berkshires, MA

The Berkshires has a very similar vibe to The Hamptons. But what The Berkshires lack in nightlife, they make up for in pretty much everything else. About three hours away from NYC, the Berkshire has a bustling art (and theatre and dance and music) scene. The mountains add a lovely charm to this small town. You should definitely visit here at least once in your life. (Note: Shakespeare & Company’s 2020 season has been suspended.)


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