With the NYC Lockdown in place, we at Roomi found ourselves in an unfamiliar state of flux. In 2020, we found the entire world locked in their homes, only stepping out for essentials. But we also found ourselves confused about what the term “essential” really means.

2020 also brought us to terms with the idea that we’re now living in an era where rules are constantly changing. Be it the NYC lockdown caused by disease or other reasons. The point is that things are changing.

2020 also became the year with so many new rules governing how we live. How can we tell if we’re breaking the law by doing something as simple as shopping?

The question we’re answering today is, what does a lockdown in NYC look like? What were some of the key inferences of the NYC lockdown of 2020? Here’s everything you need to know about the NYC lockdown put in place on March of 2020, with the pandemic at its peak.

Matilda’s Law: the do’s and don’ts of a lockdown in NYC.

In March of 2020, Andrew Cuomo put the state “on pause”, effectively instating the NYC lockdown. This meant that all non-essential businesses were shutting down until further notice. And non-essential workers were to work from home as of March 22nd. 

Cuomo introduced “Matilda’s Law”, which is designed to protect New York’s most vulnerable members of the population. This includes those above 70, those with a poor immune system, and those with underlying health issues. The law prevents this group from leaving their homes and limits visitation to only their immediate family.

Visiting the elderly and immunocompromised.

By law, you’re allowed to visit an elderly or immunocompromised individual. But the law also demands you undertake a temperature test and visit when you’re showing no flu-like symptoms. You should also wear a mask and gloves for your visit.

Shopping for groceries during a lockdown in NYC.

It’s best to keep visits to the grocery store to a minimum, but we’ve all gotta eat. If possible, plan two weeks in advance to avoid having to make extra visits. However, this doesn’t mean hoarding food or supplies!

Source: Edward Howell on Unsplash

The guidance is that New Yorkers can go out to buy food or essential supplies, which includes medicine. If more than one person lives at home, consider taking it in turns to buy what you need, to keep bodies in the stores to a minimum.

? Keep your distance, and wipe the handle of your grocery cart with a disinfecting wipe. Remember to wash your hands when you get home.

Getting some outdoor exercise when there’s a lockdown in NYC

It’s natural to feel like you’re going stir-crazy when you’re stuck inside. Cabin fever is real and it hit all of us pretty hard. And with gyms closing across the state, how can you make sure you’re staying fit and healthy? The good news is you can go to the park for a walk or jog – or even to just get some fresh air.

Source: Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Make sure you maintain a 6 feet distance between you and anyone else that doesn’t live in your house. For some extra peace-of-mind, avoid touching surfaces outside such as benches, pull-up bars and the button on stop lights. It’s best to avoid drinking from water fountains. Experts agree that it’s not necessary to change clothes or take a shower when you return home, but only for those who are taking strict social distancing measures.

? If you’re showing flu-like symptoms and are self-isolating, you must stay at home. Consider resting but if you must get in a work-out, sign up for some online training videos. Or just try some indoor jump rope!

Visiting friends during a lockdown in NYC

Unfortunately not. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones and you live with your friends, an NYC lockdown means it’s the time to cancel all dinner parties, and other gatherings. Social distancing means that you can only see other people in essential scenarios. This could be to offer medical assistance, buy food or exercise outdoors.

You can exercise with a friend who doesn’t live with you. But make sure there are no more than two people in the group. And you must maintain the correct distance from each other! Better yet, video call your gym buddy for an at-home work out!

Source: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

What if you’re dating someone? Unfortunately, unless you live with your partner, an NYC Lockdown is the time to get creative with seeing them virtually!

The Governor’s 10-point New York State on PAUSE plan

The governor has laid out a clear, 10-point policy to ensure safety for everyone across the state. The 10-point policy for New York is as follows:

  1. All non-essential businesses state-wide must close in-person operations.
  2. Non-essential gatherings of any size for any reason must be canceled or postponed.
  3. Any concentration of individuals outside their home must be limited to workers providing essential services and social distancing should be practiced.
  4. All individuals must remain at least six feet from others when in public.
  5. Businesses that provide essential services must implement policies that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet.
  6. All individuals should limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact, and avoid coming into close contact with others.
  7. Individuals should limit use of public transport to necessary travel only, and must remain at least six feet away from other riders.
  8. Individuals that are unwell must not leave their home unless to receive medical care, and only after a telehealth visit has determined that it is safe to do so.
  9. Young people should avoid contact with vulnerable groups.
  10. Everyone should use precautionary sanitizer practices and maintain high levels of personal hygiene.

Understanding the complexities behind coronavirus and what it means to you can be hard. So, we’re trying to keep our community in-the-loop wherever we can. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about the stimulus package for NYC.

Remember that information about the novel coronavirus is changing every day. While everything in this article was true at the time of publishing, information may have changed. We recommend you carry out your own research.

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