Halloween is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. Yes yes, this year has been dreadful, and Halloween 2020 may officially be canceled in your city (for your own safety)!  But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good Halloween dinner with your friends or roommates. Moreover, what’s a dinner party without some spooky treats & snacks? So here are our favorite cutesy Halloween food ideas and tricks that double up as craft projects!

1. Halloween food ideas for pizza lovers!

Okay, TBH, no festivity is complete without some pizza – wouldn’t you agree? So here’s a fun take on the traditional pizza, which is soo tasty and spooky that you will want seconds. A perfect Halloween treat!

2. Spooky Halloween food ideas: Severed Finger Pretzels

The Roomi team personally loves these severed finger pretzels! These are ingenious, creative, and super crunchy * munching sounds *

Get the recipe here!

3. Mummy Dogs

Yummy! These mummy dogs are by far the cutest looking delicious treats that are easy to hold and enjoy, especially when you’re holding your drink in the other hand. These mummy dogs make the best dinner treats. 

Get The recipe here!

4. Food ideas for a Monstrous Halloween!

Don’t we all love easy food tricks with spectacular results? This is probably the one time you can thank someone for giving you a purple eye! This Purple Monster eye is creative and oh so adorable that you might want to resist biting into it at all! 

Get the recipe here!

5. Eyes Pies

Talking about eyes, this pie has some serious Illuminati and creepy vibes, but one bite of this, and you will be hooked and looking for some more eyes pies to devour. 

Get the recipe here!

6. Silly Halloween food ideas: Apple Bites

This is one of the most adorable Halloween food ideas of all time! These healthy yet silly apple bites will definitely make your guests chuckle and take plenty of photos for their Instagram. So, get ready to become the talk of the neighborhood with this one!

Get the recipe here!

7. Whimsical Donuts

Sugar, how’d you get so fly? These whimsical sugary treats will give everyone an aesthetic and sugar high! So are you ready for it? 

Get the recipe here!

8. Food ideas for a witchy Halloween!

The Witch Hair Pasta is a great way to add drama to your dining table. It’s the perfect dinner recipe for a Halloween Evening. Moreover, it’s simple and needs only five ingredients, including the star of the dish – the dried squid ink spaghetti. So, for all of you who haven’t tried dried squid ink spaghetti- you really need to try this recipe! Because, the flavor is subtle, the texture is smooth, and it has a faint hint of sea saltiness, which pairs well with seafood!

Get this exciting recipe here!

9. Boo Platter

Platters are aesthetically pleasing, and functionally, they’re quick to put together and enjoyed immensely by guests. So for this Halloween, we bring you the scariest and delicious Scary Platter Recipe. Moreover, you can try a healthier version too – just throw in some of your favorite cheese, nuts, crackers, figs, globe grapes, cold cuts and pretty much anything you love.

10. Scary Ring Master

Nothing tastes better than the combination of chocolate with the natural crunchiness and sweetness of an apple. These apple rings are no-fuss, no-bake, easy dip treats and will add an element of whimsy (courtesy of those cute googly eyes) to any Halloween or fall party!

Get the recipe here!

Bonus: Zombie Apocalypse Party Punch

Surprise surprise! Here’s one of the best Halloween food ideas – A Halloween Party Punch. But, seriously, what’s a party without punch? This punch is a wickedly fun drink to make, and even though it looks like the drink is reserved for zombies, it’s safe and fruity for humans too! 

Get the recipe here!

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