When living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you already know that the party starts at midnight. Thanks to the numerous bars in Bushwick, the nightlife in this neighborhood is nothing short of a thrill. Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do in Bushwick is to explore the bars and pubs that dot this neighborhood. Not sure where to start? Let Roomi give you a hint.

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Exploring the best bars in Bushwick

Bushwick is home to young professionals, students, and artists – no wonder it’s deemed to be the coolest neighborhood in Brooklyn. With most people in the neighborhood being a twenty-something year old, there’s no shortage of the best bars in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Those living in the city are always looking to explore some of the lesser-known local favorites, from the up-and-coming trendy bars to the hole-in-the wall places that are often overlooked.

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Those living in Bushwick, Brooklyn can attest that it is large enough to be a city. However, when you’re new to the neighborhood, its size may keep you from moving on from your nearby haunts. But trust us when we say that one of the best things to do in Bushwick is to explore the pubs and bars in the neighborhood. With Roomi’s guide to some of the best bars in Bushwick, you’ll be counting down to your next night out.

Dance the night away at duckduck

When you’re living in a neighborhood comprising largely of students and young professionals, a dive bar is a must-have. Although duckduck exudes your local neighborhood bar feels, it’s nothing short of a nightclub with its professional DJ and constantly full dance floor. Thanks to its extended Happy Hours and two-for-one beer offers, duckduck is never short of patrons.

Enjoy a night out with friends at Three Diamond Door

If you’re in the mood for an evening of catching up with friends, Three Diamond Door is the place to be. Offering a local neighborhood bar feel, the ambiance is friendly and intimate. The large round booths are a perfect fit for some cozy (and perhaps chaotic) conversations.

Visit The Rookery for great drinks and food

From local draft beers to the more sophisticated wine and cocktails, The Rookery has everything you could want. It’s not just the drinks that keep people coming back for more, but the delicious dishes as well. Putting a delightful spin on classics like Mac n’ Cheese, it’s hard to resist an invitation to The Rookery for a night out.

Unwind at the Pearl’s Social & Billy Club

In the mood for a quiet night, but don’t want to be sitting at home? The ambiance at the Pearl’s Social & Billy Club hits the sweet spot, being cozy and inviting with just the right amount of chaos. Sit on the patio as you sip on hot toddies in the winter, or some tiki cocktails during the summer. Head inside to catch up with your friends as the bartender hands you your favorite drink…sit back and enjoy.

Head to Carmelo’s at the end of the month

What pairs well with young professionals and students on a budget? Affordable, yet exciting bars. When you need to stretch your budget, but still want to make some great memories, head to this two-storey bar where you can get beers on tap for only $2. With a pool table on the second floor plus cheap drinks, it’s no wonder Carmelo’s is always buzzing with people. Don’t forget to grab your wallet before you head out though – this place is cash only.

Relax at the Left Hand Path

With all-wood interiors and outdoor patio seating, Left Hand Path feels similar to a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods. From original cocktails to beer on tap, this is one of the best bars in Bushwick to explore with friends. Want something more than a drink? The place offers delicious snacks such as pickled eggs, hotdogs and more, until 2 a.m.

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As you can see, there’s no shortage of bars in Bushwick that you can explore. Each has its unique charm, making it difficult to pick just one place to frequent. Which one do you think will become your local haunt?

New to the neighborhood and not sure whom to explore the best bars in Bushwick with? Roomi can help you find your new roomie, and a permanent companion for your bar hopping weekends.