Gone are the days when healthy eating meant chomping on uncooked carrots and wilted greens. Moo much? You can always upgrade your cooking, trim the fat, and just about make any dish healthy. Take inspiration from our collection of healthy dinner ideas that will allow you to enjoy your favorite recipes guilt-free. Yass, gurrrl Hi5! From tacos & lasagna to noodles and fried chicken – the options are limitless on this recipe list.

Psssttt… These super healthy dinner ideas will also help you keep your New Year Resolutions * wink wink *

1. Healthy dinner – Chicken Parm Stuffed Peppers

Once you’ve tasted these chicken-stuffed peppers you won’t want to have peppers any other way! Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Ethan Calabrese

2. Lazy bum hack – Asian Egg Fry

Too cold to move or too lazy to cook? Whatever your excuse may be, this recipe is a fuss-free dinner! Just grab some eggs, rice, and peanuts to make this healthy dinner. Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Delicious

3. Zoodles > Noodles

Okay, now this recipe is one of our favorites in our ‘healthy dinner ideas’ list! Sooo fresh & delicious that these Zoodles will put your ordinary flour noodles to shame. Get this exciting & super healthy recipe here!

Image credits: Delish

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4. Tomacos

If your New Year Resolution is to eat more vegetables in 2021 – this recipe will definitely help you! These vibrant tomato tacos (or Tomacos) are an interesting way to indulge in a low-carb dinner treat while watching your weight! Pair your Tomacos with sour cream or guacamole for an extra zing!  Get the recipe here!.

Image credits: Delish

5. Skinny Alfredo

This one goes out to all you fitness enthusiasts who are looking for healthy dinner ideas without making your taste buds suffer. Moreover, it’s a really clever take on our traditional Alfredo Fettucini without the heavy cream or the guilt! Get this recipe here!

Image credits: Parker Feierbach

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6. Blackened Tilapia

It smells fishy but it is indeed super healthy and loaded with good fats! If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re really missing out on something. Tilapia is a mild-flavored fish that pairs really well with guacamole or avocado salsa! Try it for yourself!

Image credits: Delish

7. Sesame butter tossed radish salad

I don’t know about you, but I love a good salad! This salad is a ravishing piece of art that will get your Insta fam double tapping and sending love. We recommend pairing it with sourdough and adding plenty of lemon juice. Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Delicious

8. The best ever guacamole

If you’re someone like me who loves chomping but is bound by your New Year Resolutions then this guacamole recipe is what’s going to save us! Healthy, delicious, and pairs well with right about anything! Get the best ever guacamole recipe here!

Image credits: Downshiftology

9. Zucchini Lattice Lasagna

One can’t ever have too much lasagna or zucchini, which is why we now have a dish that has both! This healthy version of lasagna is sooo good that you won’t even miss the carbs. Get your healthy lasagna fill here!

Image credits: Ethan Calabrese

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10. Quick healthy roast

No healthy dinner ideas list is complete without a good healthy roast! Today’s special is a hassle-free one-tray golden baked roasted chicken that will keep you coming for more. Nourishing, high in protein and super healthy! Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Delicious

11. Slow-Cooker Turkey Chilli

A warm, comforting and healthy Chilli recipe to keep you warm all winter long! Get this recipe here!

Image credits: Ethan Calabrese

12. Minty lamb with beetroot and charred broccoli

A meat lover’s guide to healthy eating! What brings this recipe together is the quick mint sauce! * droools *

Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Delicious

13. Thai fish and pumpkin soup

This Thai fish and pumpkin soup feels just like a warm hug in a cup. The richness of dense pumpkin and the aromatic Thai dressings combined with coconut milk will keep you coming for more. Get the recipe here!

Image credits: Delicious

We hope you enjoyed our favorite picks of healthy dinner ideas from the internet! We are coming up with more awesome recipes and dishes – stay tuned 🙂