You’re finally settled in your New York apartment! But you’re also finding yourself spending one too many hours aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or starting yet another series on Netflix…

It’s easy to crawl into a comfortable hole away from the bustling city and spend time by yourself. But it’s not healthy physically or mentally in the long run. So, get off your bum! Continue a hobby you used to love a few years ago with hobby clubs in NY, or start learning something new entirely: tickle your happy hormones with NYC meetup groups.

Even if you’re an introvert and don’t want to meet new people, there are classes in New York you can take by yourself to stay active.

The Secret Science Club

When your passion is science but you don’t have friends who share your interests, join New York’s Secret Science Club. Find fellow nerds to discuss the nuances of the cosmos and the brain, crocodiles and ecologies, and chemical reactions. Listen to award-winning scientists give lectures and present information about their subjects while you sip on your drink.

You don’t have to be an expert – you just need to have an interest. Members swear they feel way more educated after joining the Club!

Sports with the LGBT crowd

Playgrounds have rarely been the favorite place for the LGBT+ members. Unfairness due to discrimination and locker-room bullying have been widespread. If you belong to the LGBT community (or are an ally) and love sports, find your safe space at Big Apple Recreational Sports who say, “our leagues are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all participants.” Form bowling, dodgeball, and kickball teams and make new friends via this NYC meetup group.

Creative Mornings

CreativeMornings organizes field trips and talks by, well, creative people in more than 200 cities across the world on Sunday mornings. Attend their events in NYC and you’ll discover the different ways people can be creative – how a musician makes music out of everyday objects, how an entrepreneur started selling coffee, and how two young men tell compelling stories about faraway people. Many participants are re-visitors and you’ll soon start seeing familiar friendly faces around.

Book clubs

We admit we couldn’t pick just any one book club because books and readers, and their moods and identities, are ever so diverse. So, visit the New York Public Library where you can choose the club that best fits you; the library hosts book discussion groups frequently.

The themes of New York’s book clubs range from political buffs, womxn of color, Asian women, classic literature, comic books, etc. catering to various diasporas and niche communities. Find some more bookstores and their clubs on Yelp, too.

Origami Meetup Group! NYC

The ancient art of origami is a great way to let your mind focus, build patience, and do something with your hands while honing a unique skill. OMG! NYC is an NYC meetup group that meets weekly and monthly (depending on your schedule) and works with paper and other materials like cloth, sheet metal, wire mesh, straws, etc. The group welcomes everyone interested, from beginners to advanced folders.

Brew your own beer

Bitter & Esters teaches you all there is to know about different beers, their ingredients, and their tastes. Learn about malt, hops, yeast, styles, and craft beer as you approach brewing as an art and science with the instructors. They provide the starter kits, equipment, recipe kits, and ingredients based on what you want to brew. Get ready to sample all the brewed tastes you were curious about!

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of NYC meetup groups and classes in NY where we introduce you to Brooklyn Brainery, cooking, birdwatching, improv club, pottery, sports teams, LGBT community, photography, and more.

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