The killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, sparked worldwide outrage. Alongside which we saw historic protests and calls for change from individuals and organizations of all sizes in 2020. Organizations like NAACP, American Civil Liberties Union, and Equal Justice Initiative were some of the major sources of information. And throughout the #BLM Movement, they did played part in nudging us all in the right direction.

Many organizations, no matter their size, joined the conversation in support. Tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft followed up with support in the form of pledges, donations, and supportive words.

In this piece essentially, our main focus is to highlight:

  • Important organizations that you can donate your time and money to.
  • Resources that can help all of us learn more about the anti-racist struggle and the #BLM Movement.
  • Brands that have been vocal about the cause.

Where can you donate for the #BLM Movement.

Source: Gabe Pierce from Unsplash

It isn’t always possible for people to make it to the streets for a protest.

Besides showing up on the streets, there are some other effective ways of showing support to the movement.

These include not just signing petitions online and being vocal on social media. But also supporting those companies that are showing substantive support to the cause.

Support could alternatively also come in the form of buying from local black-owned businesses. And also donations in the form of medical aid or funds!

Here is a list curated by Bustle which expands on the many ways we can support the #BLM Movement, without protesting.

The 56 Black Men project recently launched a campain called “Let’s Not Forget”. This campaign on the public to remember the names of black people who have been killed by police and to take action against racism. The campaign named “Let’s Not Forget”, is to remember those names that didn’t make it to a hashtag.

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

This memorial fund was set up by Philonise Floyd, George’s sister. The fund was put in place to especially cover funeral and memorial costs, mental and grief counseling, and to help the Floyd family to continue to seek justice.

The Official #BlackLivesMatter network.

BLM is on an ongoing mission to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate black people and end white supremacy forever. The official #BlackLivesMatter global network is seeking contributions. At this time, and more than ever, it is our duty to help them bring justice, freedom, and healing to black people across the globe.

Black Visions Collective

BVC is working toward its vision of a future where all black people have autonomy. In addition to a world where black lives matter, they are seeking a world where black lives thrive. You can support their work in creating the conditions for long-term success and transformation.

Reclaim The Block

Reclaim The Block works within the Minneapolis community and city council. Their work primarily focuses on moving money from the police department to other areas of the city’s budget, that truly promote community health and safety.

In short, if their vision resonates with you, this is another fantastic organization to learn more about.

Additional ways of helping the #BLM Movement

Be available for friends and family.

As we witnessed this past year, protests led to violence and those attending needed immediate help. Therefore, be sure to convey to your friends and family that if/when the situation arises, you will be available for them. It’s always helpful to keep a list of relevant resources in your area handy too. If you have friends and family attending protests, offer them help in the form of snacks, water, and first-aid supplies. Not to mention, this can all be done all while being socially distant as well.

Inform yourself about the anti-racist struggle.

This is the most important thing you can do if you’re not black. Take charge of the media you consume and inform yourself about the anti-racist struggle. Social media is full of resources readily available, even if you don’t know where to look. This is also a great way to think about your own prejudices too and see how you can unlearn them.

Here is a compilation by Forbes of anti-racist resources that can help us educate ourselves about the cause.

Sign Black Lives Matter petitions.

There are plenty of petitions you can add your name to. Some petitions that you should take yourself to, are calling justice for Breonna Taylor,  Ahmed Arbery and Belly Mujinga.

Two useful Google Docs include links to many more petitions and resources: find them here and here.

Some of the major names supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Specifically during times like such, it is a brand’s responsibility to speak up against injustice. Major US and worldwide companies have followed up on their pledges to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some of them include:


Tim Cook, tweeted in response to George Floyd’s death saying that Apple feels a duty to channel grief into action. One of the organizations fighting racial injustice that Apple is supporting is Equal Justice Initiative.

However the tech giant didn’t say how much it was donating.


Walmart announced that it would contribute $100 million over a 5-year period to create a new center for racial equity. In an email to employees, CEO Doug McMillon said that George Floyd’s murder was “tragic, painful and unacceptable”.


Online marketplace Etsy announced they would donate a total of $1 million. Half of their proceeds went to the Equal Justice Initiative and half going to Borealis Philanthropy’s Black-Led Movement Fund. Additionally, they would also be matching employee donations.

MJH Life Sciences

Employees at MJH Life Sciences connected with Roomi’s founder to share some details of how they’re playing their part. The organization will be matching all company-wide donations to contribute to National Medical Fellowships. They work to increase the number of underrepresented minority physicians and other professionals in the healthcare workforce. This is a movement to improve access to quality healthcare in medically underserved communities.

MJH Life Sciences have chosen this cause as it speaks to their core mission as a healthcare media company. Moreover, the organization is encouraging all companies to reevaluate their own core mission. And apply it to Black Lives Matter, to see how they can make a change.


BTS, the iconic South Korean boyband, is building momentum with their Black Lives Matter campaign.

The band and their record label, Big Hit Entertainment, donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Additionally, their fans came through and matched the amount! The campaign took place within hours on Twitter, with the hashtag #MatchAMillion trending around the world.


DownToDash is an app that brings people together by finding fun ways to supports the fight against racism. They informed Roomi about a virtual comedy show about racial profiling. This show has been set up to raise funds for The Movement for Black Lives and Fair Fight Action.

Feel like a few laughs for a good cause? Unfortunately, you’ve missed this show, but you can stay up-to-date with DownToDash’s other upcoming events at Eventbrite.

What have we missed?

We acknowledge that there are many other great causes, contributions, and campaigns that this list has missed. And each one is a step closer to justice for black communities. We’d love to hear about any other charities and organizations doing their bit. Especially for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Feel free to let us know on Twitter or email us at and help us learn more with you!

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