‘Tis the season to cozy up and snuggle in! We don’t know about you, but for some of us at the Roomi team, winter is one of our favorite seasons. Sipping on hot beverages all day long and snuggling into our quilts with a good book or a fun Netflix watch makes this time of the year the perfect time to enjoy home comforts. During a time where everyone’s looking to snuggle in tight and cozy, we couldn’t help but come up with some warm and cozy apartment ideas for our readers!

1. Switch-up your curtains

That’s right, insulated curtains are a game-changer! It’s time to invest in some thick curtains to keep the cold out and hold the heat indoors. A great way to keep your bedroom as cozy as possible is to invest in insulated curtains (if you can afford them!).

If not, don’t stress! There’s a range of super thick and affordable curtains out there that will do the job, and give your home a seasonal upgrade.

Go for deep hues and warm colors to give your home an extra festive and cozy vibe.

2. Sunnyside in

While you want your space to be cozy, it’s still important to let fresh air and sunlight into your apartment every day. The best time to do take up this apartment cozying idea is during the late afternoon when the sun rays will warm up your apartment and keep it looking fresh and bright.

Open up the curtains and windows for a couple of hours during the day to bring in some natural heat before the evening comes.

3. Shut Santa’s doorway

If you still believe in Santa, we’re sorry to inform you that he’s probably not coming this year… Anyway! Keep your chimney blocked when you’re not using them in order to prevent heat loss. If you can, cover it up with a cardboard or wood board to keep any breeze from coming in. If you have a non-working fireplace, try decorating it with candles, perfect for warm and inviting nights on the couch.

4. Soft bedding, warm bedding, and maybe a little ball of fur

Apart from your soft, warm kitty, we recommend switching up your bedding to winter bedding that’s soft and warm. If you don’t have different bedding, it’s time to get your bedding shop on! During winter, it’s all about the warmth anyway! Get bonus cozy points with extra throw pillows, wool knit shawls, bed covers, or blankets.

5. Let your lights take inspiration from the sun

Anything to remind you of the warm sun on the cold winter nights, right? Switch to subtle yellow light bulbs to make your bedroom look extra cozy and inviting. Decorate your apartment with beautiful lamps or hang fairy lights all around for the festive, winter season. This is also one of those cozy apartment beautifying ideas that work across seasons!

6. Enhance your kitchen environment

One of our favorite places to be during the cold winter months? The kitchen of course! Luckily, there’s no need to drain your savings or spend a lot of time achieving a cozy kitchen environment. With a few simple touches, you can easily enhance your kitchen with some truly festive winter vibes. Incorporate copper gadgets and wooden tools as they will help to create a warm feeling in your space, and include candles for that ‘fireside feel’.

Make a list of ingredients for recipes (particularly baked goods!), and make space for all your munchies using our favorite kitchen storage hack and hang your pots and pans on the wall.

7. The warmth of DIY

There are things you might not want to spend money on and that is okay because DIY can be a lot of fun!

For heavy curtains – why not try adding a thermal lining yourself? In our blog on DIY hacks, we covered some things you’d want to take up over the weekend. For that homely smell that only the festive season can bring, you could try natural ways to make your home smell good – think dried cinnamon in a bowl.

There’s nothing better than using things you made with your own hands, and the art of DIY will keep you warm and active during the lazy winter months.

Stay warm, y’all!

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