The world was different in 2020. Unemployment as a result of COVID-19 has caused many recent grads to decide that living at home during this time is the best option for them financially. But between of retracted job offers, deferred semesters and lost internships, the class of 2020 has had a lot to learn.

Finding work during the pandemic has proven to be a challenge for everyone, especially young people with little career experience. There is a ton of uncertainty in the workforce right now, so try not to panic if you haven’t found a job yet. Here is some advice for current college seniors or graduates that are currently unemployed and living at home due to the pandemic!

Dear class of 2020, allow yourself a break.

First of all, give yourself a break and stop stressing! If you have recently graduated college or are graduating this year, don’t feel pressure to find a job right away. Many college grads take time off after graduation before their next endeavor, whether that’s graduate school, traveling, or entering the workforce. You don’t need to have your life figured out by your early 20’s!

While living at home, be sure sure to check in on your mental health. This is a stressful time for everyone, and we all cope with the stress of the pandemic differently. It is important to take care of our minds and check in with ourselves every once in a while. You’ve got this!

Class of 2020 or not, don’t forget to enjoy the time you have at home.

Think about it: when will be the next time you’ll be living at home with your family? We’ve seen so many college grads moving back home due to the pandemic, and worrying about losing that taste of independence once again.

Try to view living at home as a positive instead of a negative! For one, you’ll save a ton of money since you won’t need to worry about rent or other expenses. Second, you can also enjoy time with your family. Cherish the time you have living at home and try not to view it as a setback.

Keep building your resume!

Just because you’re living at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep adding to your resume. If you’re currently unemployed and aren’t having much luck finding a job yet, do other activities that you can put on your resume.

There are many opportunities for online volunteering that you can do during COVID-19, which is a great thing to add to your resume. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, take online classes that are useful for the career that you want to go into. Don’t feel stuck and instead view this as a time of opportunity!

Keep your search on, and your head held high.

Don’t lose hope! Make sure to keep applying to jobs that you’re interested in even if you’ve faced multiple rejections. You never know when you might get an acceptance. In addition, keep doing research about possible jobs within the career field that you want to go into.

Use LinkedIn and connect with college alums in order to get more information about the job that you’re striving for. If you’re really feeling stuck, reach out to your college’s career services office and speak with them. Your college is still there to help you even after you’ve graduated!

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