Our bedrooms are everything! Our sanctuary, our reading spot, and even our office and bar now thanks to the pandemic. If you’re wondering- ‘how does my small room take on so many roles?’ It’s simple: stay tidy, decrease clutter by smart storage, and add beautiful accessories as your bedroom decor. No matter how small your room is, we have room decor tips to make for a totally Instagram worthy bedroom!

1. Choose a mood and theme for your bedroom decor

Your bedroom decor will solely depend on the theme and the mood that you want to set. For a minimalistic approach, stick to neutral pastel colors. And for a more fun look, try bold pop colors to make it your own Instagram-worthy bedroom. If you’re a fan of a vintage rustic look, choose distressed wooden furniture.

Whatever your choice may be, start by assessing what you already own, and categorize it, select what you want to keep, and sell what you don’t need. Because, this will help you clear some space and get some extra bucks to invest in new furniture to ramp up your bedroom decor 🙂

2. Linens & Layers

This small change instantly makes a bedroom decor look more lively, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Start by covering up your mattress with linens of your choice and layer it with your favorite duvet or comforter loosely. For an even comfier look, add some knitted throws in a contrasting color or macrame cushions to your bedroom decor.

3. Add plants to your bedroom decor

Greens can liven up any place and effortlessly add charm to any space. So place some beautiful houseplants around your room on shelves or hang them using plant hangers. Either way, it will look gorgeous. And our top faves are English Ivy, Swiss Cheese Plant, Peace lilies, and succulents.

4. Disguise your cables and your wifi router

We all have that one visible or badly hidden corner in our room, which is home to many wires and cables. Or a table where your dusty wifi router sits – it still has fingerprints from last month when you restarted it to get it working. So for all of you looking for ways to disguise it, here’s a trick that has saved our lives and will work amazingly well for your bedroom decor. You’re welcome!

5. Your walls are your best friend for bedroom decor

We all want space- from our annoying bosses, from one too many video calls, and also in our rooms. The best way to do that is to mount all of the storage spaces on your walls – floating jewelry holder with mirror, floating shelves, and hanging cabinets. Not only will it make for a super Instagram-worthy bedroom, but it will also save you tons of space. So if you feel your room is too small, try floating workstations as bedroom decor. Nope, not kidding – check it out for yourself.

6. Rugs

Rugs can add the comfy factor to room decor like nothing else! Also, it can be used to add a splash of color or to hide flaws in your flooring. However, make sure to use a color that goes with the palette of your bedroom decor.

7. Let there be light!

Have you noticed how light can instantly change your mood or the vibe of a place? Moreover, good lighting goes hand in hand with interior design. At the same time, some lights can kill the sought after Hygge aesthetic. So choose well for your bedroom decor!

So try experimenting with different lamps, candle stands, and fairy lights for that warm lighting effect that you see in many dreamy room snaps on Instagram.

8. Mirror mirror on the wall whose room is the prettiest of them all?

Accessories are everything when it comes to bedroom decor. So small macrame hangings, wind chimes, different types of mirrors, wooden hangings, and photo frames are a few accessories to choose from. And when you accessorize from the list above, you’ll see your followers go crazy.

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