Pandemic got you searching the internet for ways to declutter? Roomi recommends cheap home decor stores to revamp your personal style.

Have you been sitting at home staring at your blank wall, wondering what happened to your personal decor style? 2020 had most of us shut inside the same four walls for longer than we had ever imagined. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many of us are scavenging the internet for ways to declutter and revamp our shrines with new home decor ideas. And since the roaring 20s are back in style (along with economic depression), Roomi has a list of cheap home decor stores to save the day (and your pocket).

Home decor ideas for when you no longer have ideas

According to home and lifestyle magazine Livespace, “illuminating yellow” and Ultimate gray are the Pantone colors of this year. In addition, lighter woods and materials like hemp and natural fabrics are in vogue, giving us that extra connection to nature right inside our homes. For more inspiration, take a look at this home decor mood board for the freshest home decor ideas.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Source: Pinterest.

Let’s be real, we aren’t all interior design nerds! Also, what’s trending may not always resonate with your own personal style. So before you dive into our list of cheap home decor stores and get lost in the sauce, try these interior style quizzes.

Decorist has an easy-to-follow quiz with pictures and no fancy confusing language.

In case this quiz doesn’t help you align your interior design chakras, here are 10 more interior style quizzes to help you sort out your home decor ideas.

Time for the question of the hour…

Where to buy home decor? Here are cheap home decor stores that won’t make you snore!

It is truly all fun and games on furniture store websites until you reach the payment page and read the total amount of your shopping cart. Luckily, cheap home decor stores are only a click away on the internet. Don’t let your home decor ideas die. We won’t let them.

1. World market: Cheap home decor stores from around the world

A true star of this list, World Market should easily be one of your first stops on your internet stroll.  Consider this a global version of your neighborhood Target run.

Basically, they have everything from rugs, cheap home decor, all types of furniture, and even food! It is great for your quarantine shopping so you can access cheap home decor stores from your comfy bed without ever leaving your home!

Beyond furniture, World Market also offers a virtual shopping experience for their outdoor home decor.

2. Uncommon goods: Home decor ideas for your quirky side

Uncommon Goods is one of those cheap home decor stores that is a gift that keeps on giving. Originally popular as a haven for people looking for unique and off-beat gifts, Uncommon Goods is a great place to materialize your quirky home decor ideas.

Take a look at this accordion lamp, corner “staircase” and a lamp that is modeled exactly to take the shape of a French baguette.

Source: Corner staircase, Uncommon Goods.

3. Sample Haus: Cheap home decor for your plant babies

If you decided to adopt a few dozen plant babies this quarantine season, you are not alone! Plants add a breath of fresh air into closed spaces. Plus, they make for easy and cheap home decor that also gives you a sense of life-affirming energy.

So if you have an overflow of plant children who need proper homes to help them bloom, look no further than Sample Haus. Diana Adams’ brainchild, this pottery store even creates custom designs on demand.

Sample Haus creates sustainable pottery designs from interior design waste as well as discontinues samples. So you give love back to the environment, to your plant babies, AND have cool art in your home?

That’s a hat trick right there. Plus, you get to support a small business created by a black artist.

Source: Sample Haus landing page.
Sample Haus planters.

4. Minted: Cheap home decor stores for affordable art

If you’re looking for ways to add art from cheap home decor stores, Minted just may be the answer.

On the whole, Minted has a collection of art sourced from independent artists from all around the world at affordable prices.

You can buy just the art or pick a frame to go along with your chosen masterpiece. Simultaneously, you can just pick a different frame on your own.

What’s even cooler is that Minted offers a feature to actually visualize the art piece you are planning to buy right in your home. Talk about bringing your home decor ideas to life!

5. The Container store: Declutter your soul

Quarantine has made us all want to declutter our living spaces like never before. Work from home, eat from home and work out from home means we need larger space and better organization.

The Container Store is possibly what Monica from Friends would consider a wet dream. Indeed, it is the solution to declutter your home and your mind.

Basically, they have aesthetically pleasing storage options for LITERALLY all your needs.

Source: Pinterest/ The Container Store.

6. ModCloth: Vintage, cheap home decor

You may have heard of ModCloth for Vintage fashion, but did you know they also have a vintage home decor section?

By buying preloved furniture, you can find unique and cheap home decor pieces that are quirky and good for the earth.

To illustrate, they’ve got dinosaur sting lights and cat doormats. Therefore, Modcloth got you on all your kitschy cheap home decor needs.

7. Open spaces

Step aside, Ikea! Open spaces is a company with a mission to organize, declutter and create space no matter the size of your home.

Additionally, they also boast of using responsibly sourced materials like pine and steel for all their items. Declutter away with open spaces!

Source: Open spaces landing page.

8. Etsy

A classic that we can’t miss out on is good old Etsy. Basically, Etsy supports independent sellers, creators, and artists from all around the world. Quite easily, there are infinite options when it comes to finding one-of-a-kind home decor items on Etsy.

9. AllModern

AllModern has been described on the internet as Wayfair’s hipster cousin. It offers sleek, trendy, and out-of-the-box designs that don’t make your wallet scream.

10. Nordstrom Rack Home

Last but never least is Nordstrom Rack!

Traditionally a common stop for the budget fashionistas, Nordstrom Rack is equally an amazing place to score on designer/ artsy items! Therefore, Nordstrom rack is an easy add to cheap home decor stores that won’t make you a bore. You can find options like Ugg, Staub, Kate Spade, etc., all discounted within buying range.

Source: Pinterest/Nordstrom Rack.
Source: Pinterest/Nordstrom Rack.

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