As it is, spare rooms are frequently left unused, or they become a dumping ground for stuff that has no other place to go. They are usually the smallest room in the house, so it’s a challenge to find its purpose. However, with a little planning and intelligent placing, you can create a home to be proud of. And no, we’re not talking about the regular spare room ideas with a guest room or home office. We believe a spare bedroom can be used for a variety of purposes, including practicing a hobby, creating a play area for your children, and even subletting it to create a new source of income.

Here are 8 unique spare room ideas to make the most out of your space!

1. Sublet a room on Roomi

Generate a consistent side income throughout the year by subletting your spare bedroom through Roomi. This is one of the smartest spare room ideas that will help you earn and learn along the way. Set up the space with basic furniture and essentials, and start your search for a suitable rentee!

2. Set up a studio or hobby room

You can transform an empty room into an art studio or hobby area, whether you enjoy sewing, stamp collecting, or playing the guitar. To make the space ready, all it needs is a little paint, some storage containers, and perhaps a work table. You’ll most likely spruce up the rest of the house as well by shifting all of the craft and hobby clutter to a single spot.

3. Your very own home gym!

Is your treadmill in the living room becoming a pile-up? To establish a dedicated workout space, move it to an empty room with your other exercise equipment. Position a full-length mirror against one of the walls to help you perfect your technique. You might discover that when your equipment is all ready to go, you’ll want to get moving more often.

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4. Create a mini library

Have you ever imagined yourself like Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” whirling around in your own private library surrounded by towering bookshelves? If you don’t have enough space in your living room for a home library, your spare bedroom will suffice. Arrange shelves along the walls and set aside a place for the most comfortable chair you can find.

5. Garden your space

Among excellent spare room ideas that help our environment is gardening! Gardeners without the space or cash for a greenhouse can grow seedlings in their spare bedroom from the end of winter to the beginning of spring. Purchase readymade shelves or build your own, and be sure to use lights that help plants to flourish.

6. Walk-in closet!

If your style is a priority, the extra room could double up as a classic dressing room. Consider this: a vanity, shoe and accessory organizers, and a myriad of mirrors. A vintage screen and elaborate lighting finish off this interior to perfection.

7. Play/game room

If you have children, you might want to consider turning the extra room into a playroom. Arrange their toys to create a large space for them to play and be active.

Consider investing in a wide area rug to make sitting on the floor more comfortable. Make sure there are enough arts and crafts in the room in case of a stormy day. The best part of all? You won’t find as many toys thrown around your living room, bathroom and garden!

Game rooms are also among the most fantasized spare room ideas for bachelors! You can design a dedicated game room with comfortable chairs and a wide table that can hold huge boards. Set up a console zone with beanbag seats if you’re a big player. Add a mini-fridge packed with game-night beverages for a luxurious touch, and you’re good to go!

8. Brainstorm area

Having a proper space to work out your ideas, whether you’re a writer or an entrepreneur, is vital. Convert your spare room into an area with whiteboards and plenty of blank wall space where you can plan out your ideas and let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t have to be an office, but rather a place where you can be yourself!

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Which Spare Room Ideas Speak The Most To You?

A spare room does not have to be a waste of space, stacked with boxes and stuff in storage that you’ll never use. There is a wide range of options for re-purposing the space and transforming it into something both beautiful and functional. From a yoga studio to a library or a play area, the possibilities are endless!

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