Noisy neighbors, whirring power tools, and loud music coming from outside can cause an issue if you’re preparing for an upcoming examination or just trying to catch some Zzz’s. There can be plenty of reasons to soundproof your room. A soundproof home doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can quickly become costly if you dive into retrofitting some of the top-end soundproofing material available in the market today.

Here’s an apartment hack where soundproofing can be effectively done on a small budget – if you’re willing to go the DIY way. The fun thing about this is that it’s inexpensive and easy. And if you’re currently in a rented apartment or a shared house, you can dismantle everything and move on whenever you need to.

Soundproofing pointers:

  1. It is essential to understand where the sound is coming from. Getting to know how noise is traveling into your place is vital to block it effectively.
  2. Common areas for sound leaks include poorly sealed windows and doors and thin or uninsulated stud walls.
  3. Did you know that not even the most professional soundproof work can guarantee a completely soundproof home? There is always a way that vibrations will be able to find their way into the room, but our tips are there to minimize this as much as possible.

1. Strategic furniture placement

Sometimes, to soundproof a home, all it merely takes is rearranging the furniture. When you do this the right way, it helps in absorbing noise to prevent it from coming into the room directly. You can move a heavy dresser or bookcase to an outside-facing wall or to a wall that blocks the hallway.

Tip: If a wall is transmitting vibrations, you can place a piece of upholstered furniture against the wall to help absorb the vibrations.

2. Use rugs and carpets

If you have noisy neighbors downstairs, you can place thick fluffy rugs where you feel they have their TV or where they make the most noise. A rug will help reduce the vibrations and low-frequency sounds, thus blocking noise from downstairs. It will also muffle your footsteps as you walk inside the room. However, a rug does not dampen airborne sounds.

Tip: Thick soundproof rugs are excellent in dampening vibrations.

3. Weatherstrip doors and windows

Weatherstripping prevents moisture from getting through outer doors and windows and helps in soundproofing the doors. To do this, you paste a slim rubber tubing around the inside of the door or window frame. Sticking the weatherstripping at the point where the door or window meets the structure makes it tightly compressed as one closes the door or window. Thus, the tight fit creates a water-tight and airtight seal, which helps in soundproofing your room.

Tip: Weatherstripping comes very cheap, and is less expensive if you DIY.

4. Block noise with curtains

Installing thick multilayered curtains reduces the amount of sound that travels into the room. Multiple layers dampen the vibrations, and as sound travels through it, its intensity weakens. Likewise, you can even hang two or three heavy blankets if your curtain brackets are up for it – they have the same effect on sound reduction.

Tip: You don’t have to opt for expensive soundproofing room curtains; you can just use thick, heavy ones for the same result.

5. Egg cartons for echoes

Egg boxes are good at reducing echo (but not sound) in a room. The uneven surfaces and peculiar shapes of egg cartons help to dissipate sound. Sound waves deflect off in different directions, instead of bouncing back in unison, as they hit an egg box. Egg boxes can be a solution if you are making a recording studio or cinema room to make it sound appealing. You need to make sure that you don’t use them to prevent noise from leaving the room.

6. Wall tapestries

Wall tapestries can be added as hanging wall art to your room, but they also help to absorb noise. Basically, any soft, thick material helps absorb noise when it is placed strategically on walls. Make sure that you choose fabrics that allow sound absorption when you pick out your wall tapestries for soundproofing your room. Bonus point: They give your room a cool boho vibe.

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