If you live outside South San Francisco and hear the name, you might think it’s simply the southern area of San Francisco city. And for that, no one could blame you! Many out-of-towners naturally seem to think so. But the fact is that South San Francisco is a separate city. And it lies in the San Mateo county, outside of San Francisco. So if you like what you’ve heard, and plan to move to South City, here’s everything you need to know. Know all about finding rooms for rent in South San Francisco.

Getting to know South San Francisco

A comfortable city for all its residents, South San Francisco has a bit of everything! Occupying the basin of the San Bruno mountains with the coast range on the west, it is a part of the San Francisco bay with mild winters and dry cool summers.

Moreover, South City has fine residential areas, with parks, swimming pools and the famous Oyster Marina. Along with that, it’s also home to more than 2800 businesses offering jobs. Especially biotech companies including Genentech, which together give another nickname to SSF: the ‘Birthplace of Biotechnology.’


Finding rooms for rent in South San Francisco

Don’t put off your mission to find rooms for rent in South San Francisco by the sign that reads ‘The Industrial City.’ The sign sits on top of the hill as a tribute to the city’s industrial past. It is also listed on the national register of historic places.

Further, the city is subdivided into territories along its main routes. Additionally, the west of highway 101 is known as the south city’s small downtown with many residential subdivisions. The east of the highway is filled with industrial complexes and office parks. So if you’re looking for rooms for rent in South Francisco, head straight to small downtown.

Top neighborhoods in South San Francisco

  • Serra Highlands:

With large homes with over 2,000 square feet living space, Serra highlands is a desirable neighborhood for homeowners due to its central location and housing options. Moreover, it sits near two shopping centers, two freeways, two BART stations, schools and parks for its residents.

  • Sunshine Gardens:

A classic post-war suburb, this is one neat neighborhood with spacious single family homes. Furthermore, it is close to SSF’s first TOD (transit-oriented development.) It maximizes the amount of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of public transport. So if you find rooms for rent in South San Francisco’s Sunshine Gardens, you’ll be close to everything at once.

  • Oyster Point:

The Oyster Point Marina is known as the regional biotech center. But along with the industrialized surroundings, it also has a fishing pier, boating, parks, hiking & jogging trails, picnic areas and sandy beaches for its visitors and residents to enjoy.

Average rent in South San Francisco

Rooms For Rent In South San FranciscoAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in South San Francisco$1,610

University life in south San Francisco

While all universities are mostly based in SF at a driving distance of 15-20 minutes, there are some great options to choose from, across all fields of study. Here are the top universities to consider when you’ve found rooms for rent in South San Francisco.

How transit friendly is South San Francisco?

1. Walkability & cycling

The most walkable neighborhoods in SSF are downtown, orange park and sign hill. So if walkability is a major criteria when looking for rooms for rent in South San Francisco, you know where to look!

And for biking, you can opt for LimeBike. It is a dockless bike rental service, if you don’t want the headache of storing your own.

2. Buses

South City shuttle services offers transit connections with BART and SamTrans stations to the city’s downtown area, including trips to local stores, libraries, city hall and parks.

The service also links the SSF Ferry Terminal to the Grand Ave office area and to Oyster Point office area on weekdays.

3. Airport

South San Francisco sits adjacent to, and is served by, the San Francisco International Airport. Additionally, the BART system at the airport offers buses to attractions in San Francisco and San Mateo for its passengers in case of layovers and tourists alike.

4. Highways

There are two major north-south freeways. One is U.S. Route 101, a.k.a, the Bayshore Freeway, along the San Francisco Bay. And Interstate 280, along the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Cultural activities in South San Francisco


South San Francisco farmers’ market:

Find a wide range of fresh, locally grown produce, including berries, vegetables and various types of fruit at the various farmers’ markets when looking for rooms for rent in South San Francisco. You’ll also find honey, eggs, artisan cheese, homemade baked items, seafood, and handcrafted soap here.

Go paragliding

Feel the thrill of adventure and take a jump out in the open sky with paragliding sports in South Francisco. Furthermore, You can find the best paragliding centres at many places in the South San Francisco bay area.

Oyster Point Marina

If you fancy a day out walking on trails, fishing off the pier, kite flying, surfing, riding a ferry, or simply enjoying the seaside view, the Oyster Point Marina is where you should go!

For other events in the city, check out the city calendar when looking for rooms for rent in South San Francisco.

Historical spots in South San Francisco

South San Francisco Historical Society

The historical society museum keeps a collection of vintage clothing, photos, artifacts, school yearbooks, databases and more on display about the history of the area. The society also works to restore the Plymire-Schwarz center, a colonial revival style house with furnishings and period-appropriate antiques.

Sign Hill

A monument with 65 acres of open space and two miles of hiking trails, sign hill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. It’s also a wildlife habitat on the peninsula with a diverse set of species, including the endangered mission blue butterfly and rare coast iris.

Wind Harp

Perched on a hilltop in a south Francisco industrial park, the 92-foot-tall sculpture was built by American sculptor Aristides Demetrios. Named after Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind, the structure is called an aeolian harp: an instrument played by the movement of the wind.

As Atlas Obscura describes it:

Constantly changing, presenting a series of graceful ellipses and a shifting light pattern.”  Be sure to visit on a breezy day to hear the eerie sounds of the arched steel I-beams singing at their loudest.

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