Want to know what to expect when finding rooms for rent in Sunnyvale? From the average rent in the city to the best commute options you will find, here’s everything you need to know!

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Getting to know Sunnyvale

From San Francisco and San Jose to Lake Tahoe and the Yosemite National Park, everything is close by when you’re living in Sunnyvale! Take a quick trip to the Pacific Ocean where you can enjoy kayaking, boating or windsurfing, sample some fine wine in the Napa Valley, or go about exploring California’s redwood forests. When you’re in Sunnyvale, you won’t be too far away from any adventure.

It’s one of the few cities to have a unified public safety department, and its low crime rate helps residents sleep easy at night. The city is known for the numerous festivals it hosts throughout the year, its wonderfully sunny weather and the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market held on every Saturday throughout the year.

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Finding rooms for rent in Sunnyvale

Whether it’s because of its prime location, low crime rates, or the lovely neighborhoods, living in Sunnyvale isn’t cheap. It isn’t easy to find cheap rooms for rent in Sunnyvale, with the cost of living in Sunnyvale being 126% higher than the national average. However, with good school districts, numerous entertainment options and a suburban atmosphere, Sunnyvale is one of the best places to live in.

Most residents rent their homes, so it isn’t challenging to find rooms for rent in Sunnyvale. From young professionals to older residents, every neighbourhood in Sunnyvale has an interesting mix of people.

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Top neighborhoods in Sunnyvale

  • Sunnyvale West: From small studio apartments to family homes, you will find all sorts of places for rent in Sunnyvale West. Although it is known to be a college-friendly neighborhood, the rental prices are much higher than the average rent in Sunnyvale. A good commute and high safety make it a popular choice among college students who’ve recently moved to the city.
  • Ponderosa Park: For those who are looking for a peaceful suburban life, this is the ideal neighborhood. With low crime rates, you are more likely to find people closer to retirement age living in this area rather than young professionals looking for temporary accommodations.
  • Lakewood: Close to Sunnyvale’s Cal-Train station, this neighborhood is ideal for young professionals who want a shorter commute to work. Riding your bike to work every day is a real possibility when living in this Sunnyvale neighborhood. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in Sunnyvale, this isn’t the best pick for you.

Average rent in Sunnyvale

Rooms For Rent In SunnyvaleAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Sunnyvale$1,482

University life in Sunnyvale

Living in Sunnyvale can be expensive, so it isn’t best suited for University students who are on a tight budget. When planning on off-campus housing, get ready to adjust to life with a roommate. However, making new friends in the city is easy, as there are numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. Although the closest universities are about a twenty-minute drive away, it can take up to an hour if you’re planning on opting for public transport.

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The closest universities to Sunnyvale that you may want to take a look at are:

How transit friendly is Sunnyvale?

Walking, cycling or hopping on a bus: what’s the best way to commute when in Sunnyvale? Getting around the city is no trouble, even if you don’t have a car.


With a walk score of 59, Sunnyvale has average walkability. Most errands can be completed on foot, with Heritage District, East Murphy and Washington being the most walkable neighborhoods.


As a part of California’s Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale has a traffic problem. Office hours can be bad, with cars moving at snail’s pace. Most commuters opt for public transport to avoid traffic and the hassle of finding a good parking space.


With numerous taxi services in the Sunnyvale, you won’t have any problems when you’re in a hurry. Taxi fares start at $3.25 with an additional fare of $3.25 for every mile, and a waiting fare of $35.00 per hour. Uber and Lyft facilities are also available for hassle-free rides.

Public transportation

The Valley Transportation Authority services Sunnyvale, running the bus routes and the light rail lines. VTA’s Bus 22 on the El Camino Real, is the main line, with other routes running into it. Although the VTA Light rail has many Sunnyvale stops, none of them directly connect to the Caltrain.

Caltrain, which connects San Jose to San Francisco, also has a Sunnyvale stop near the Lakewood neighborhood.


Located just nine miles from Sunnyvale, the San Jose International Airport is the most convenient option for residents. Once you land, take the free Airport Flyer Bus #10 to the Santa Clara Transit Station, then you can either catch the Caltrain or hop on the VTA Bus #22 to Sunnyvale. The San Francisco International Airport offers more international destination options, and is located thirty miles from Sunnyvale.

To get to the airport, you can take the Caltrain to the Millbrae Station, and then the BART to reach your destination. The Oakland International Airport is yet another option for those looking for domestic flight options.


The League of American Bicyclists has deemed Sunnyvale to be a “Bicycle-friendly Community” at the bronze level. Sunnyvale has on and off-street bike lanes, bicycle activated traffic signal and bike-friendly public transport such as the VTA and Caltrain that accommodate bikes at all hours.

Restaurants in Sunnyvale

You will find plenty of options to choose from if you’re planning on dining out. Sunnyvale has an ethnically diverse community, which means you will find diverse cuisine options. From Korean cafes to authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, everything a foodie could want is available in Sunnyvale.

  • BonChon: Famous for its cooked-to-order Korean Fried Chicken, they have various Korean comfort foods on their menu.
  • Cam Hung: A quaint cafe, serving coffee and Vietnamese Bahn mi.
  • DishDash: Serving Middle Eastern cuisine, this restaurant in Downtown Sunnyvale attracts massive crowds every day.

Festivals in Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale loves to give its residents an excuse to go out and have fun, so be prepared to take part in some of the festivals that take place throughout the year. A great opportunity to meet new people and make some friends, these festivals also serve as an excellent excuse for enjoying some wine.

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