The City of Redwood City is a San Francisco Bay Area town in the heart of Silicon Valley, a technology-rich zone that stretches from the San Francisco Peninsula to the Santa Cruz Mountains’ highlands. You’ll find a lot of opportunities to explore the city’s colorful history. That’s where Roomi comes in – we help you find cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City to help you live your best life!

Getting to know Redwood City

With 85,992 people, Redwood City is the third biggest city in San Mateo County. The city advertises that it has an average of 255 sunny days per year, as evidenced by its motto, “Climate Best by Government Test.”

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Residents and visitors enjoy a unique shopping, entertainment, and restaurant experience in the city’s dynamic downtown, which is gradually becoming renowned as the entertainment capital of the San Francisco Peninsula. Come along for the ride as we show you all the things you need to know to enjoy this fun-filled city.

Finding rooms for rent in Redwood City

The average rent in Redwood City is $2,100, which studio apartments being the smallest and most affordable. You can find cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City neighborhoods – Arlington, Canyon and College A, where the average rent is $2,281 per month.

Additionally, affordable neighborhoods where you can easily find cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City are College B, Eagle Hill and Emerald Hills.

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Top Neighborhoods in Redwood City

  • Staumbaugh Heller: Very close to downtown Redwood City, complete with cafes, restaurants, and Caltrain station. Historic homes and a good community feel make it a great place to look rooms for rent in Redwood City. This is a diverse neighborhood with a real community feel.
  • Friendly Acres: Good sidewalks and many blocks lined with trees mean this is a great area to walk your dog. If you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in this neighborhood, you’ll find everything you need here! The neighbors are friendly, which is one of the reasons for its name. Marsh Manor is a popular, one stop shop in the area where you will find a grocery store, bank, restaurants and more!
  • Redwood Shores: This is a high-end, planned community with a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay. In comparison to other cities in the United States, Redwood Shores has a lower overall violent crime rate and a lower than average property crime rate.

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University life in Redwood City

Redwood City’s urban setting might be best suited for students who like the fast-paced city life. Most universities offer on-campus housing, where you can choose to live in dorms as well. However, if you’re looking for rooms for rent in Redwood City near some of the best universities in Redwood City, let us offer a hand.

Top 5 Universities in Redwood City

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Cost of Living in Redwood City

ParticularsCost per month
Traveling (Monthly Pass)$59
Health Insurance$132.96

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How transit friendly is Redwood City?

Redwood City is well equipped with public transportation, car rental services and taxis! Being familiar with how to get around the city comes in handy while looking for cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City.


The commuter train from San Francisco to San Jose and Gilroy stops at the Redwood City Station, which is located near Broadway and El Camino. As Redwood City marks the southern boundary of fare zone 2, some of the newer (2005) trains with limited stops do stop here. So, if you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City, plan according to the stops!

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Most of Redwood City is bracketed by two freeways: I-280 to the west and US-101 to the east. Redwood Shores, however, is a substantial part of Redwood City that is east of US-101.

There are several exits off the Bayshore Freeway US-101 that lead into Redwood City from north to south along Marine Parkway and Redwood Shores Parkway that lead eastward to Redwood Shores. Exits off of the more scenic Junipero Serra Freeway I-280 include, from north to south, Edgewood Road that leads eastward to downtown. Find car rentals here!


SamTrans buses of the San Mateo County Transit District serve Redwood City and link to Caltrain. There is an express bus service to downtown SF and to San Jose, and peninsular points between. They are a convenient option for those looking for cheap rooms for rent in Redwood City and surrounding areas.


Equally convenient to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and to San Jose International Airport (SJC**)**, Redwood City is also served by the little San Carlos airport, which is off Redwood Shores Parkway. The area also hosts an air museum, which is well worth going out of your way to visit.

Nightlife in Redwood City

  • Blacksmith: If you still want to feel like you’re in San Francisco without traveling there, Blacksmith has you covered. This classy dive will make you feel right at home with outstanding bartenders and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • 840 Wine Bar & Cocktail Lounge: The ideal spot for an intimate date or a night out with a few friends, featuring elegantly garnished drinks and a high-end wine selection.
  • Sodini’s: Karaoke Thursday through Saturday, jam night on Wednesdays, and free pool on Sundays. This is the place to go if you want to have a good time that involves more than just a decent cocktail.

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Restaurants in Redwood City

Downtown Redwood City
  • The Habit: Exceptionally good at making hamburgers! Combine a solid main product with a surprisingly variable menu, fast wait times, and very reasonable prices, and you can’t go wrong.
  • Café la Tartine: While this Café does offer full meals, this warm, European-inspired venue’s real strengths are its hot drinks and baked goods. The perfect spot to chill out after a tiring hunt for rooms for rent in Redwood City!
  • Green Leaf Asian Bistro & Café: Green Leaf is a distinctively modern Asian fusion restaurant in the city. Its speciality is in mixing the delectable aromas of pork belly and peanut sauce with traditional rice or noodle bowls and spring roll bases, as well as western-style salads and sandwiches. A must-try, indeed!

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