Herb gardening is a lot easier than it sounds and works beautifully in small spaces. Gardening In NYC with its daily bustle has a charm of its own. But adding a spot of green to your shared apartment is both grounding and fulfilling.

Most herbs are happy to grow in containers, making them easy to manage even in the small spaces that New York City apartments offer. We’ve picked three herbs that are used often in the kitchen for you to start with.


Pesto anyone? Yes, you can be living in NYC and making fresh basil pesto from your own tiny windowsill garden! You can taste the difference in every bite when your kitchen is filled with its gloriously fresh smell. In fact, this is a pretty easy herb to grow and will easily take to containers.

Gardening tips for growing basil

Plant basil using rich potting soil and place it in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunshine. Avoid constant wet soil and let it dry a bit between each watering. You can feel the soil with your fingertips to test the moisture content. Basil needs to be brought indoors when the temperature dips.

Pruning your basil plant is an important part of keeping it alive. If you don’t prune your plant, it will grow, flower, and die quickly. You can harvest about one-third of your basil leaves at a time. Begin at the top and eventually work your way down. Always cut stems at the part where you can see a pair of leaves emerging.

Seed Sheet has put together a really great video on harvesting basil


With a bit of light gardening, you can grow your garnish on your kitchen windowsill. Imagine just reaching over and cutting fresh chives to sprinkle on your dinner. Can it get any more convenient?

Gardening Tips for growing chives

Chives do very well in the sun, so let them bask on your windowsill. Remember to keep the soil a bit damp to keep the plants from drying out. Avoid soaking its roots; water only a little at a time to sustain moisture. Like basil, trimming chives promotes growth. Cut just 1 or 2 inches at a time. If you need more, leave at least half an inch above the root to give it a chance to grow back.

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Along with a pleasant scent, this herb offers several useful health benefits.  It can work beautifully in a variety of dishes. Mint plants are of several types, with options from peppermint to spearmint. Choose whichever you like!

Gardening tips for growing mint

You will need rich potting soil to grow mint. Place it on a windowsill so it can get a good amount of morning sun. As long as it gets sun, it can tolerate a bit of shade as well. Mint enjoys moisture; try not to let its soil dry out. It is also a pretty aggressive grower, so trim often.

Quick tips on gardening in an apartment

  1. If your green fingers need to work their magic in small spaces, start with just two or three herbs.
  2. Most herbs like well-drained soil so don’t soak them when you water them.
  3. If you’re worried about forgetting to water your plants, place them where you won’t miss seeing them every day. If they’re not out of sight, you won’t forget about them.

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