Bedford-Stuyvesant — also known as Bed-Stuy — is a Brooklyn neighborhood with a 19th-century feel to it. The brownstone homes, trees, and low-rise buildings around the area serve as a safe space and haven for young families and artists. Nicknamed “Brooklyn’s Little Harlem”, Bedford-Stuyvesant is a hotbed for Black culture. Artists Duke Ellington, Lil’ Kim, and even Jay-Z all hail from the city, bestowing on Bed-Stuy an ever-lasting legacy.

If you’re planning on visiting, or looking for rooms for rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant, then you’re in the right place! This neighborhood guide will tell you everything you need to know and more.

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Where is Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York?

With streets full of character (and characters!), Bedford-Stuyvesant is a neighborhood in the New York borough of Brooklyn. Considered the cultural center of Brooklyn’s Black community, Bed-Stuy is filled with culture and diversity, not to mention the largest collection of Victorian architecture in the U.S.

Looking For Rooms For Rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant?

A bustling neighborhood with an eclectic range of shops, restaurants, bars, and parks, the average rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant varies, but there are always lots of properties to choose from at any given time.

While you’re searching for rooms to rent you’ll need to refuel, and some notable restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant are discussed more below!

Average Rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant

As you make your way around the neighborhood, you’ll see that the residences in Bed-Stuy vary in size, style, and price. It may appear expensive for younger folk, but there are a lot of rooms for rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant to choose from.

Rooms For Rent In Bedford-StuyvesantAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bedford-Stuyvesant$1,276
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bedford-Stuyvesant$2,538
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Bedford-Stuyvesant$3,018

Is Bedford-Stuyvesant safe?

Just like in any foreign place, staying vigilant, refraining from going out alone at night, and being aware of your surroundings at all times is vital. But don’t get bummed — Bedford-Stuyvesant is a safe and welcoming neighborhood.

For any emergencies, the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps is the one to call. They provide emergency medical services and even an EMT training facility in the neighborhood. Simply dial 911 and they’ll respond immediately.

Public Transit in Bedford-Stuyvesant

1. Walkability

With a walk score of 94, running daily errands in Bedford-Stuyvesant is easy! There’s no need to hire a car here — there are so many shops and restaurants you can stroll to throughout your stay, and the neighborhood also has efficient public transportation that you can ride if you get tired.

2. Roads and Traffic

Just like any part of New York City, the streets of Bed-Stuy are wide and filled with cars. But you definitely don’t need one! Walking and bike riding are easy to do, and a great way to get around this funky neighborhood. And of course, there are always ride-sharing services for those times you need them!

You can check this website to keep updated on Brooklyn’s traffic conditions.

3. Nearby Train Stations

The New York City Subway runs the underground train station in Bed-Stuy. The G Train station in Bed-Stuy runs from Smith to Ninth Streets and Forest Hills to 71st Avenue. Moreover, you can easily use the train to go to the best restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant and to find cheap rooms to rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

4. Nearby Bus Stops

There are many bus stops around Bed-Stuy operated by the MTA Regional Bus Operations. For the routes from north to south in the neighborhood, the buses you should catch are B7, B15, B43, B44, B44 SBS, B46, B46 SBS, B47, B48, and B60. The buses B25, B26, B38, B52, B54, and B57 run west to east, and for buses running northeast to southwest on Broadway, you’ll want Q24, B46, and B47.

Restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant

1. Saraghina

You can’t say New York without thinking of pizza! Saraghina is the go-to pizza place in Bed-Stuy, serving classic Italian-style pizzas and even homemade gelato! You can also ask for some of their special wine, cured meats, cheeses, and small plates. This is one of the classic restaurants in Bedford-Stuyvesant, so be sure to pay it a visit!

2. Peaches Hothouse

For some solid Southern food, Peaches is the perfect restaurant to dine in. From Southern-style fried chicken and rib-stickers to cornbread, tomatoes, and barbecue mayo, Peaches has you covered! And while you’re there, indulge in one of their house cocktails — they don’t disappoint!

3. The Fly

The Fly offers the best natural wine in town, and with cozy restaurant space and bar, this is the perfect place to go to wine and dine that special someone. Even though the menu is limited (their signature dish is roast chicken and sides), but it’s so good that you won’t want anything else!

Parks in Bedford-Stuyvesant

With the close-knit, family-friendly community in Bedford-Stuyvesant, it’s not surprising to find parks in the area that families around the neighborhood frequent.

  • Herbert Von King Park is one of Brooklyn’s first parks and is in the heart of Bed-Stuy. It is the perfect place to go on a jog, a bike ride or even host a small picnic. Sometimes, you might even catch a free concert in the outdoor amphitheater.
  • St. Andrew’s Playground is a classic park where you can play basketball, handball, frisbee — whatever you like! The best part? You can really give it your all and get as sweaty and dirty as you want, because they’ve got showers for you to clean up afterwards.
  • Fulton Park is named after Robert Fulton, who is credited with launching the first-ever commercial steamboat. Furthermore, in the middle of the park, you’ll find a statue dedicated to him. And you can easily find rooms for rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant around this beautiful park!

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Notable Buildings in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Bedford-Stuyvesant is known for its marvelous architecture that spans centuries. From Neo-Grec, Victorian, and Romanesque to Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Georgian, Bed-Stuy is a dream come true for architecture enthusiasts.

  • St. Martin De Porres: Formerly Our Lady of Victory Church, St. Martin De Porres has a Gothic style look that was designed by the architect Thomas F. Houghton. The dark Manhattan schist with white limestone makes it even more special.
  • Bedford Stuyvesant’s Boys High School: A classic Romanesque Revival architecture style building, this was one of the first public schools for the elite in Brooklyn. Also, it is now being used by some charter schools and other educational programs and has even been the location for two major film productions!
  • The Bedford-Stuyvesant/Stuyvesant Heights Historic District and Extension: Consisting of approximately 825 buildings, this district is filled with two-family residences, small apartment houses, and institutional and religious buildings. Addittionally, with the beautiful architecture of the buildings, you can easily find rooms with an average rent in Bedford-Stuyvesant with this district.

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