Burbank, CA, is the world’s media capital, home to Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and many other major production houses, as well. Could you see yourself living here? We’re here to tell you all about rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, to help you decide!

Read this city guide to find out more about this upper-middle-class city’s neighboring locations, things to do in Burbank, transit options, the universities here, as well as the average rent in Burbank. We’ve also listed a few must-visit restaurants in Burbank, CA.

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Getting to Know Burbank

A few miles northeast of Hollywood, you’ll find the sunny city of Burbank, which is located in Los Angeles County, at the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley in California.

As mentioned previously, you’ll find many significant media and entertainment establishments and production premises here. Therefore, the top employers in Burbank are ABC, Warner Bros., the Walt Disney Company, and others, including Hollywood Burbank Airport and the City of Burbank Government.

Though many consider the place to be sequestered, the city is well-connected and close to central locations like Pasadena, Loz Feliz, Hollywood, etc. And for this reason, there are plenty of acclaimed restaurants in Burbank that you must check out.

Finding Rooms for Rent in Burbank, CA

The city is made up of different neighborhoods, including Downtown, Media District, Chandler Park, Magnolia Park, Northwest District, the Airport District, McNeil, the Rancho District, Rancho Adjacent, Vega, and Starlight Hills. And while you are looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, you’ll notice each of these neighborhoods differs in characteristics and manner.

Admittedly, the average rent in Burbank is not cheap, but you’ll find something nice, and most importantly, worth the price, if you put in the effort.

The city’s suburbs have small-to-midsized single-family homes. Furthermore, apartments, condos, townhouses, and spacious, luxury homes with a distinctly urban feel are also available.

However, when you are looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, we suggest you check out as many neighborhoods as you can before deciding on a location.

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Top Neighborhoods in Burbank

Most of the upscale retail stores and restaurants in Burbank, CA, are located in the neighborhoods mentioned above. Below, we’ve listed a few areas to consider when looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA.

  • Downtown: A mixed-use development area where many retail, dining, entertainment, and business options are concentrated. When looking at rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, keep in mind that this location has the highest density of entertainment activities and is home to the trendiest restaurants in Burbank.
  • Media District: As the name suggests, this neighborhood is home to places like Warner Bros. Studios and the Walt Disney Company. Many coffee shops and restaurants in Burbank are located here, including places for a quick bite to eat.
  • Magnolia Park: Close to Downtown, this neighborhood is trendy, hip, and up-to-date with style and fashion crazes. It is also an area where novel and eclectic happenings regularly take place. A great place to search for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, for young professionals.
  • Airport District: This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Burbank, CA. A quiet place, where homes are primarily large and for sale. So, if you’d consider shacking up with roommates when looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, this could be a great location for you.

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Average Rent in Burbank

As mentioned earlier, when looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, you’ll find that the average rent in Burbank is higher than other locations in Los Angeles However, you’re going to have some world-famous movie-making studios right on your doorstep. Also, think about sharing with roommates, as that will help save money.

Rooms for rent in BurbankAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Burbank$1,143
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Burbank$2,286
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Burbank$3,264

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University Life in Burbank

University life can be exciting and nerve-wracking, especially in a new city. Look at rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, before you decide to live off-campus or on campus.

Likewise, if you’re looking for rooms for rent in Burbank, CA, to move with the family, here are some universities in and around Burbank to consider.

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How Transit-Friendly Is Burbank

Burbank is an entertainment-focused city and well-connected by metro, buses, and freeways.

1. Walkability

Burbank, CA, has a walk score of 70, which means most errands are doable on foot.

2. Roads/Traffic

Main highways: Burbank Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard, Freeways 5, 101, and 134. It’s wise to check real-time digital navigation before starting out on any journey.

Parking in specific residential areas is restricted, and for this reason, parking permits are available for residents. You can find out more about Burbank community development parking here.

3. Taxis

From the airport, it’s highly convenient to hop on a shuttle or book yourself a cab.

Local taxi services include:

4. Public transportation

  • BurbankBus is an environment-friendly, inexpensive public transit option which is very convenient. It provides hassle-free access to local amenities, employment hubs, and regional transportation services. Currently, due to COVID, the BurbankBus rides are limited but free.
  • In addition, there is a MetroLink station downtown, connecting the city to surrounding areas. From here, shuttles, taxi, and bus services are readily available.

5. Airports

Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport, also known as Burbank Airport, has been in business for 90 years and is a well-known LA airport. In addition to international and domestic flights, it caters to cargo, military, and general aviation. Furthermore, it’s the closest airport connected to many popular destinations in the LA region.

6. Cycling

Presently, the city has a bike score of 62, with some bike infrastructure in place. It’s in the process of developing a robust bicycle infrastructure to encourage people to use healthy, environmentally-friendly transport options.

Restaurants in Burbank

The restaurants in Burbank are as upmarket as the rest of the city. Below, we’ve listed a few you simply must visit when looking for rooms for rent in Burbank.

  • Wood Ranch: This restaurant has been rated as the ‘top barbecue spot’ in the area. In addition to its accolades,it offers a staggering variety of foods. From starters, salads, wood-fire BBQ options, premium seafood to oak-grilled steaks, burgers & sandwiches, signature & premium sides, and finally desserts, one visit will not be enough to try everything you fancy!
  • Smoke House: One of the must-visit restaurants in Burbank. “Excellent fine food at a fair price”, has been its motto since 1946. Plus, it’s been a popular hangout for many well-known personalities since it opened. While you enjoy the live music at the weekends, don’t forget to order the world-famous garlic cheese bread.

Cultural Activities in Burbank

TV Show tapings

Explore the media entertainment world at your doorstep. Take the many tours available at most studios, including show tapings and screenings. Also, enjoy the restaurants in Burbank located in this section of the city.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: One of the top 25 attractions in the US. Here, you’ll see the original sets and sound-stages where blockbusters like Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Women, etc., were created while exploring the entire 110-acre studio.

TV Show Tapings: Be on television! You can reserve your free ticket for shows like Conan or Ellen and others. There are some things to be aware of before you reserve tickets; check them out here.

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