Located west of Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica) is a coastal city with a laid-back beach atmosphere. Though the nightlife in Santa Monica may not be the highlight of the city, you’ll never have a boring evening in the city. Compared to the numerous things to do in nearby Downtown Los Angeles, the city may not seem like a party town, but the upscale lounges and bars in Santa Monica provide plenty of entertainment for all those who love an interesting nightlife. So, which bars in the city are worth exploring? Let’s look at Roomi’s guide to one of the best things to do in Santa Monica (and anywhere, really)… exploring the city’s best bars!

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What is Santa Monica Nightlife Like?

The laidback beach city vibe permeates every aspect of Santa Monica. Hence, it’s not surprising that the nightlife in Santa Monica is not as energetic as in Hollywood or nearby Los Angeles neighborhoods. Here, you get to enjoy a mix of entertainment options, from cozy, dimly lit lounges, to rooftop bars in Santa Monica that offer a friendly ambiance. You’ll find your fair share of options to explore while you’re in the city.

Bars in Santa Monica You Can’t Miss Out On

Santa Monica isn’t a party town by any means, but its nightlife sure isn’t lacking. Want to enjoy a great evening with friends, or planning your bar-hopping route for the weekend? Roomi’s got your back with the list of the best bars in Santa Monica that need to be on your radar.

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Head to the Basement Tavern, a historic venue

From the 90s themed Sunday nights, to live Karaoke bars on Wednesday nights, there’s always something going on at the Basement Tavern. The Basement Tavern brings one-of-a-kind energy with its speakeasy-style atmosphere and unique location at the basement of the aptly named Victorian, a Victorian-era-style house that has been converted to an events venue. While cocktail bars in Santa Monica aren’t exactly a rarity, you won’t want to miss out on this enchanting joint.

Get the true dive bar experience at the Gaslite

Favored by the locals, the Gaslite is known to be one of the best joints in Santa Monica where you get an authentic dive bar feel. Skip long lines, and don’t worry too much about missing out on an exciting nightlife experience when you’re at this joint. From a dance floor that let’s you show off all your moves, to free popcorn and delicious drinks, you cannot miss out on heading to this bar when you’re in Santa Monica.

Upscale your evening at the Elephante Beach House

Among the list of the best things to do in Santa Monica, exploring the Elephante Beach House has got to be near the top of the list. Founded by Nicholas Mathers, who is not only an experienced restauranter but a designer as well, the vibe of this place cannot be compared to other rooftop bars in Santa Monica. Once you enter, you won’t just be marveling at the custom furniture, but the extensive list of wine and Italy-inspired cocktails they offer as well. On any given night, this place is buzzing with people – a great way to expand your circle when you’re new to the city.

Enjoy a swanky evening at The Room

The Room is undoubtedly one of the most famous bars in Santa Monica, and for good reason. Though the place looks upscale, you’ll find that the cozy booths make it more of a hideaway lounge. With a regular roster of DJs and delicious drinks, this is the place to head to when you want a memorable night with your friends. You’ll need to opt for a ‘smart & stylish’ dress code, but be sure to put on something that you can dance in!

Don’t miss the happy hours at the Misfit Restaurant & Bar

Good food, booze, and service, what else could you want from one of the most frequented cocktail bars in Santa Monica? Famous for their summery cocktails like Sangria, Basil Gimlet, and other concoctions, you can enjoy your fill during the lengthy happy hours in the joint. What do the locals recommend, aside from the delectable drinks? Surprisingly, it’s their salted chocolate chip cookie, but we ain’t complaining!

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These bars in Santa Monica aren’t all that the nightlife has to offer, but they’re some of the best in the crowd. Where do you plan on starting your bar-hopping route this week?

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