Moving to Houston is a great idea for many reasons. It is one of the most affordable cities in the country. It has a booming job market. It has an extremely diverse population. It is one of the top three food cities in the country. It is also home to the biggest medical center in the world. We could go on and on, but the list is never ending. So, if you’re stuck wondering whether or not to make the move, don’t. Instead ask yourself, when you should move. Because there are very few cities that are as great as Houston. And, when you do decide to move, we’re going to be here to help you find great rooms for rent in Houston, Texas. But before we get to that, let’s learn a little more about the city!

Getting to Know Houston

Houston is home to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center due to which it’s officially known as the Space City. But that’s not all, over time the city has accumulated many nicknames, including the Bayou City, Magnolia City, Hustle Town and The Big Heart. If that doesn’t tell you how awesome and versatile this place is, we don’t know what will. One of the most diverse cities in the country, more than a whopping 145 languages are spoken here.

But beware of the weather here, it tends to be hot and humid. In fact, you probably won’t need a winter wardrobe at all.The temperature barely ever drops below the 60s, even in peak winters. All you need is a cute coat and you’re prepared to face the winters.

But despite the humidity, Houston is a great city to live in. The housing market is one of the most affordable in Texas, so finding cheap rooms for rent in Houston is easy. It is also the largest city in Texas and attracts tens of thousands of new residents every year. With a booming job market, some of the best food in the country and a relatively low cost of living, Houston is a great option for all. But carry a lot of insect repellent.

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Finding Rooms for Rent in Houston

Most people who move to Houston move here because it is super affordable. Even though Houston is a major city, the housing market here is very reasonable. The median cost of renting (or buying) is much lower than the rest of the country. So, if you’re thinking about moving here, you’re in luck. Finding affordable rooms for rent in Houston, Texas is extremely easy!

So, let’s take a look at some of the top neighborhoods in Houston.

Top Neighborhoods in Houston

The Woodlands: The Woodlands is a master-planned community in the North of Houston. It consistently ranks as one of the best neighborhoods to live in, not just in Houston but in the rest of the country as well. While generally considered an expensive area, finding reasonably priced rooms for rent in this part of Houston, Texas shouldn’t be too hard.

Montrose: This is the artistic and cultural soul of Houston. Filled with amazing bohemian cafes, theatres and art galleries, Montrose has also been a historically LGBT-friendly neighborhood. The rental market here is also super affordable, so finding good rooms for rent here is easy.

River Oaks: No list about Houston neighborhoods is complete without mentioning River Oaks. Filled with historic mansions, just being in River Oaks will make you feel like royalty. While most people can’t afford to live here (the average home value here is over $2 million), it’s one of the most culturally and historically significant neighborhoods of Houston. Both the iconic River Oaks District and the River Oaks Theatre are here. We strongly recommend exploring this neighborhood at least once, even if you can’t afford to look at rooms for rent in this part of Houston.

Average Rent in Houston

Rooms for Rent in HoustonAverage Rent
Studio Apartment in Houston $927
1 Bedroom Apartment in Houston$798
2 Bedroom Apartment in Houston$1,610
3 Bedroom Apartment in Houston $2,199

University Life in Houston

Houston ranks consistently among the most affordable cities for students to live in. The average cost of living for students is between $1000-$2000 a month. That’s cheaper than most cities in the country. Especially because you can find many affordable rooms for rent in Houston, Texas. Moreover, the city of Houston offers up many fun things for students to do. Whether that’s visiting the Space Center, eating at one of the hundred amazing restaurants, strolling through the Houston Zoo or catching a game at the Minute Maid Park, there’s a whole lot to do in Houston. So, if you’re wondering where you should go for college, Houston has some great options for you. Here are the top 5 universities in Houston, according to USNews:

How Transit Friendly is Houston

1. Walkability in Houston

With a walk score of 48, Houston isn’t very walkable. In fact, you’ll need a car for most things. However, neighborhoods such as Montrose and Downtown are quite walkable.

2. Roads/Traffic in Houston:

If you want to live in Houston, you better get familiar with the term “the loop”. If you ask anyone for directions here, they’re going to use the Loop as reference. The Loop is the Interstate 610 that loops around central Houston and everything falls either inside or outside the loop.

3. Taxis in Houston

There are plenty of taxis in Houston, so hailing one from a taxi stand won’t be a problem. Remember, the City of Houston has authorized a flat taxi fare of $6 for all trips in the downtown area making it a very affordable mode of travel. You can also get an Uber or Lyft if you’re more comfortable with that.

4. Public Transportation in Houston

Houston’s public transportation system, METRO, offers many affordable options for commuting within Houston. The Metro Light Rail connects Downtown to Reliant Stadium and costs $1.25 both ways. The local bus is also available on most streets with a one-way fare of $1.25.

5. Airports in Houston

Houston has two 4-star airports, George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and Houston Hobby Airport (HOU). It also has a civil/military airport called Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base

6. Cycling in Houston

The city’s bike share program called the Houston BCycle has around 90 stations with 635 bikes available for short-term rentals throughout central Houston. You can rent a bike for $3 per 30-minutes from any kiosk.

Healthcare in Houston

People from around the world come to Houston to receive the best treatment for their ailment. Houston is home to the largest largest medical centre- The Texas Medical Center. The center is spread over 1,000 acres of land and is visited by over 7.2 million patients every year. The Texas Medical Centre also performs more heart surgeries than any other medical center in the world. The centre also includes  M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, which is the best cancer hospital in the world. The center is responsible for numerous breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatments thanks to its eight different academic and research institutions, as well as the 21 different hospitals.

Restaurants in Houston

If you’ve been to Houston before (or even read this blog), you know that Houston is famous for its food. In fact, GQ once called Houston “America’s next best food city”. Yeah, it’s that good. So, of course, we can’t end this blog without mentioning the food here. Of course, writing down all the good restaurants in the city would be an impossible task. There’s just too many. Some of which you’ll find on your own while exploring the city. But here’s a list of some of the best restaurants that you should make a point of checking out!

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