Great weather, affordable living, and a thriving music scene; what other reason do you need to find rooms for rent in Riverside? In Roomi’s city-guide, learn everything about moving to the City of Arts & Innovation.

Getting to know Riverside

Most people move to Riverside because housing and cost of living are affordable compared to other parts of California. But as one spends more time in the city, you’ll soon realize it has a lot more than just cheap rooms for rent in Riverside. From numerous entertainment options, to great food and a thriving Arts and Music scene, residents can enjoy fun evenings any day of the week.

Located close to the beach and the mountains, Riverside offers unique scenic beauty. Combined with its temperate weather and comparatively low unemployment rates, who wouldn’t want to move to this city?

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Finding cheap rooms for rent in Riverside

Compared to other cities in California, you may find that the average rent for rooms in Riverside is much cheaper. The city is quite close to LA, but much more affordable, which makes several people flock to the city every year.

Looking to spend some time alone with nature? Head outside the city for some wide open and lush green spaces where you can enjoy Southern California’s natural beauty! Or, if you prefer to stay in the urban areas, you’ll find Riverside is quite green, and you will discover greenery no matter where you decide to look for rooms for rent in Riverside.

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Top neighborhoods to look for rooms for rent in Riverside

  • Wood Street: Sitting partially on natural flat land, and partially on manufactured land, Wood Street is ideal for those who want to be close to the heart of the city but don’t want to live in Downtown. Filled with stunning buildings, narrow streets, and beautiful landscaping, dwellings in this Riverside neighborhood offer a spectacular view. Average rent in this Riverside neighborhood is quite affordable, making it a good choice for young professionals.
  • Victoria: If you love golf, you can’t miss the Victoria Country Club, which has an eight-hole golf course. If you’re looking for cheap rooms for rent in Riverside, you may be able to find some in this neighborhood, although it has a high rate of homeownership. It is close to a good school district, making it ideal for families.
  • Canyon Crest: A hilly terrain provides some interesting views in this neighborhood. It is home to the Canyon Crest Towne Centre, which can fulfill all your shopping needs. Rental prices are average, making it ideal for young professionals and families.

Average rent in Riverside

Rooms For Rent in RiversideAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Riverside$681
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Riverside$1,662
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent in Riverside$2,217

Rooms for rent in Riverside for college students

Not sure what you can expect when studying in Riverside?

When you’re at university, you will have plenty of opportunities to make new friends. From bonding with your roommate, to participating in various activities that take place throughout the school year, don’t hesitate to put yourself out there.

If you’re looking for fun activities to do with your friends, you’re in luck! Riverside has loads of museums, art galleries and festivals to explore. Good food, plus the amazing weather in the city, will ensure that you start loving Riverside in no time!

Top universities in Riverside

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How transit friendly is Riverside?

When you start looking for rooms for rent in Riverside, you will need to rely on your car. While there is some public transportation in the city, it is not very extensive and requires much improvement. Most commuters prefer driving over using the public transit.


With a walk score of 42, Riverside has average walkability. You will need a car or to use public transport for getting around to most places. The most walkable neighborhoods in the city are Downtown, Arlington, and Eastside.


The average commute time in Riverside is about 30.4 minutes, which is higher than the national average. Most people prefer to travel by car, with many commuters opting to carpool. Public transit is not as popular, with even fewer people choosing to travel by bike or by walking.

No matter what time of the day it may be, it is best to plan for some congestion when you’re trying to get around the city.


Apart from Uber and Lyft, you have several taxi services that you can call when you’re in Riverside. Some taxi services offer dedicated 24-hour airport service, making it easier for residents and tourists to get in and out of the city.

Public transportation

Although most people rely on their cars or taxi services to get around the city, some people prefer to use the public transit as well. The Riverside Transit Authority is in charge of the public transit of the city and provides 15 fixed bus routes and three express routes across Riverside. Recently, they have also started providing community-based trolley bus routes.


Flying into Riverside can be a hassle, as most airports are located at least an hour away, without traffic. While you can fly into LAX, Long Beach Airport, Burbank Airport, or John Wayne Airport, these are quite far from the city and do not have easy freeway access.

The best choice would be to fly into Ontario International Airport, which provides non-stop flights to several domestic and international destinations. It’s also less crowded then other airports in Southern California, and can be easily accessed from the freeway.


According to the League of American Bicyclists, Riverside is a “Bicycle-friendly Community” at the bronze-level. The city only has a small percentage of riders, but crashes are still frequent. The city plans to improve its bike-friendly status, and increase both on- and off-street bike paths. Although there are a few off-street bike paths that cyclists can use at the moment, much more improvement is required.

Restaurants in Riverside

When visiting a new city, it is crucial to check out the local eateries and explore the food scene. After all, there’s a lot to be learned about the city when you get to know the food locals love to eat.

  • The Mission Inn: Built in 1876, this is more of a historical site in the city rather than a Mission Revival guest house. Nevertheless, it has some great restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines.
  • Salted Pig: The menu is designed around seasonal produce, with everything being made in-house. If you’re looking for delicious handcrafted dishes, you cannot do better than this!
  • Zacatecas: When you’re craving homestyle Mexican food, this is the café to check out!

Cultural Activities in Riverside

Riverside has a strong sense of community and is dedicated to investing in the Arts and fostering creativity, as is evident from its flourishing art gallery scene. With numerous festivals throughout the year, residents have ample opportunity to build friendships and interact with their communities. Here are some things you should check out:

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