Raleigh, known as the “City of Oaks” for its many oak trees, is the capital city of North Carolina. It’s known for its universities and is home to some great museums, such as the City of Raleigh Museum and the North Carolina Museum of History. This makes Raleigh a history-rich city filled with endless opportunities to explore. With this detailed guide, you can find rooms for rent in Raleigh with ease. Let’s dive into the basics: average rent, top neighborhoods and where to find cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh.

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Getting to know Raleigh

Raleigh is named after Sir Walter Raleigh and features a beautiful downtown area as well as vibrant scenes for cuisine and music. Raleigh features a plethora of parks as well as college campuses. You’ll come across graceful neighborhoods that provide reasonably priced and even cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh.

You can even nourish your love for the performing arts at the Theatre in the Park and the North Carolina Opera. Come along for the ride as we show you all the things you need to know to enjoy this fun-filled city!

Finding rooms for rent in Raleigh

The city offers an affordable cost of living, making it easier to find cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh. Raleigh is listed by WalletHub as one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., with diverse rental choices for individuals to look for. Affordable neighborhoods where renters can find cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh include Abbington Ridge, Anderson Pointe, and Antelope Point, where rents run $1,027 per month.

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Top Neighborhoods for cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh

  • Cameron Park: This is a historic neighborhood located just west of downtown. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and has a blend of Colonial Revival and Queen Anne architecture.
  • North Raleigh: Residents here enjoy the welcoming neighborhood, many housing options, greenways, and quick access to the Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) airport. Residents will also find Research Triangle Park (RTP), downtown Raleigh, grocery stores, home improvement facilities, and shopping!
  • Brier Creek: If you’re looking for a safe neighborhood with cheap rooms for rent in Raleigh, Brier Creek is a great area to call home! It is a planned community located near Raleigh Durham Airport in the heart of the Research Triangle region. Brier Creek is a large development with a diverse range of home options. For example, there are single family houses, and also rental communities.

Average rent in Raleigh

Rooms For Rent In RaleighAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Raleigh$663
2 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Raleigh$1,438
3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Raleigh$1,887

University Life in Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital, is home to a variety of universities. Besides having some fantastic museums and galleries, the strong student population contributes to a vibrant nightlife. Raleigh is an excellent choice for students, with plenty of resources and opportunities. Sharing dorms or living with roommates in rooms for rent in Raleigh can help save money for students!

Top universities in Raleigh

Cost of Living in Raleigh

ParticularsCost per month
Traveling (Monthly Pass)$40.00
Health Insurance (Age 40)$458

How transit-friendly is Raleigh?


1. Public Transportation

Capital Area Transit and the Triangle Transit Authority provide bus services in and around Raleigh. Fares are from $2.25. However, if you’re coming into Raleigh from New York, Washington, D.C., or Florida – Amtrak runs services for around $97.

2. Taxi

Raleigh has plenty of reliable taxi firms that can be utilized while looking for rooms for rent in Raleigh. Fares are an initial $2.45 and then $2.50 per mile.

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3. Car

Raleigh has a simple grid road system, with the U.S. 401 being the main route through the city. If you prefer booking car rentals, note that it starts at $35.

4. Plane

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) has good domestic and some international connections. The 100 bus will take you downtown for $2.25, whereas a taxi will cost you around $33.

Famous spots in Raleigh

1. Pullen Park


Pullen Park is an excellent nature park, complete with boat rental, hiking trails, fairground rides, and a lovely miniature railway.

2. Historic Sites

The city boasts many fascinating historic sites, such as Yates Mill County Park, Mordecai Historic Park, and Historic Oakwood.

3. Performing Arts

Raleigh has a number of good performing arts venues and organizations, such as Theatre in the Park and North Carolina Opera.

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Nightlife in Raleigh

  • The Fox Liquor Bar describes itself as a “subterranean drinking den” that serves both classic and contemporary drinks. Signature cocktails, a wide selection of wines and craft beers, as well as light cuisine such as sliders, will be served in this elegant setting.
  • The Big Easy: If you’re looking for a refreshing night out after tirelessly looking for rooms for rent in Raleigh, look no further. The Big Easy’s delectable food and boisterous ambiance will not disappoint. Cajun culture and cuisine are combined with southern hospitality at this restaurant and bar.
  • FOUNDATION Raleigh: This low-key basement pub serves innovative drinks, local craft beer, and has an industrial vibe. Fine Folk, the on-site restaurant, serves bar food that pairs wonderfully with their homemade libations.

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