Every apartment finder in NYC is a little bit different, and there is no shortage of websites that specialize in the New York City area. With so many options, it can be tough to figure out how to prioritize one over the other. Here is a list of qualities you should look for in the best apartment finder apps in NYC that specialize in serving the city!

An NYC Apartment Finder Should Help With Roommates Too

Most of us can’t afford to live on our own in New York City. Mere mortals like us need a roommate to help with rent. So if you’re using an apartment finder in NYC, it really needs to help find roommates too. Otherwise, you’re putting a lot of effort into winning only half the battle. That’s like ordering a BLT and getting empty bread. Or worse, getting the meat without the bread . . . messy. So find the peanut butter to your jelly and get together with a great roommate while you’re searching for an awesome place to live.

Scrollable Map Feature: A must in NYC apartment finder app

You don’t really need a car in New York City. In fact, having a car in ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ is more likely to rev up your stress than anything else. Parking is a full contact sport, sans helmets. Assuming you can find one close enough to where you want to be without passing out from dehydration before you trek there.

Your NYC apartment finder app should include public transportation, grocery stores, super cool bars and clubs. Parks, coffee shops, craft breweries. Nobody packs more diversity into a single city block than NYC. Nobody! Every neighborhood in The Big Apple has a different personality. So check out the local eats, music scene, and shops on the NYC apartment finder in detail.

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Cars are just another expense too. Not just car payments. Oil changes. Tune ups. The occasional trip to the body shop, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood scratch artist. So yeah, skip the car if you can. But not having your own wheels means knowing what’s available in your local area is super important. Don’t commit to an apartment, buy into a neighborhood.

Safe And Secure

Shady brokers and shifty landlords are like cockroaches. You can hear them scuttling around out there, but the second you turn on the lights, they vanish. You shouldn’t have to invest a bunch of your time making sure the person on the other end of the email is legit. Let the apartment finder app in NYC take care of that for you.

The site should have real, actual human beings digging through the listings and taking out the trash as a service to you. That way, by the time you get there, it’s pristine, safe, and secure.

Accessible Customer Support is basic to any apartment finder app

You should be able to talk to someone quickly and easily in case you have a problem. Some NYC apartment finders make you submit an email, and it can take days for them to respond, or longer. In New York City, a good apartment can get snatched up in a fraction of that time. Heck, even a bad one moves way faster than that.

Hence, customer service should be on hand when you need them. Or at the very least, able to get back to you within 24 hours. That way you’re not sweating it out wondering if that perfect place vanished while you were waiting for someone to get back to you.

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Offers Advice, Tips, And Tricks

Renting in New York City is more complicated than renting in other states. There’s practically enough paperwork to build an entire apartment out of recycled forms. There’s a lot of extra steps, and you need a guarantor who makes at least forty times the monthly rent. Yup. That’s right. Forty. So make sure that whichever apartment finder app you use, also gives rental advice and tips for living in New York.

Roomi offers all that and more. We work hard and take pride in delivering to you the safest, most informative and fun apartment finder experience possible. Check out our New York listings and see what’s available.

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