Do you get the feeling that something is not right? That you’re not where you are supposed to be? And you have no idea where you’re supposed to be? And that you’re definitely not looking forward to work? You are not alone. In 2019, Forbes reported that more than half of U.S. workers are unhappy in their jobs. There could be many reasons why you are unhappy about your job. We know that it’s probably a complex bundle of feelings. Those who are frustrated with work often list these emotions as what’s right on the surface:

Being annoyed and unmotivated

It is completely normal to be annoyed about spending hours every day doing something you really don’t want to do. You may be feeling despondent, unmotivated and working well below your potential. This could happen to anyone, whether they’re involved in online jobs or otherwise. These are valid feelings, acknowledge them and then look toward what you can do about it.

Ready to quit but also guilty

Can’t find a job? The pandemic has thrown all of us for a loop. With so many jobs lost, you may feel guilty about thinking to quit. However, It’s important to acknowledge that you don’t enjoy your job and explore why this could be.

Until you have a game plan and find a job that offers you security and fulfillment, don’t quit your current job. Hang on for as long as you can.

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What can you do?

Step 1: Understand why not?

Unable to identify a fulfilling career? Explore your feelings to understand exactly why. Sometimes the answer is easy. It could be because you dislike your boss or the work itself. Maybe it’s about being in front of a computer all day or the uncertainty attached to your job. Perhaps, you don’t really see your career panning out as you previously imagined.

Other times, the answer is wrapped up in feelings and reasons. Do you not get the sense of purpose that you crave? Do you need to do more meaningful work?

Sometimes the effects of your job are detrimental. For example, online jobs force you to stare at a screen for hours on end. If this brings up health issues, it can be harmful. Commit to doing self-work and find out exactly which aspects of your job that you do not like.

Understanding what you do not like is half the answer. Once you know what you don’t like, you can figure out what you do like.

Step 2: Explore what else?

This step may be slower, but we really hope you stick with it. Figure out a routine that allows you to experiment outside of work hours. You can explore avenues you are interested in by building your skills in those areas and gathering experience in those fields.

Be patient, intentional, and mindful as you go through this phase. Reap the rewards when you finally find a purpose that fits your needs.

This may not play out how you think it’s going to be. Life has a way of surprising us. Also, know that it’s completely normal to have loved your career up to now but suddenly find that it’s lost its spark.

Remember to have realistic goals. Whether it’s online jobs or otherwise, you are going to have a few bad days and a few boring ones. The key is to look for a career that has you feeling fulfilled and purposeful.

The good news is that today there are different kinds of roles that were not around a few years ago. You can find online jobs that let you work from home or those that involve being out in the field. All you have to do is figure out which one you can see yourself looking forward to doing. And you can find a job like that near you.

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Step 3: Look before you leap but take the plunge

However long it takes, don’t give up on finding your purpose. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself. Once you find your purpose, chart out a transition plan to safely move on to the next chapter in your life. It can be a little nerve-wracking to get out of your comfort zone so have a solid backup plan.

We’ve simplified these steps to fit into this blog. Know that there is no set formula for life and a career. Sometimes, we’re all at sea. All we can do is our best and have faith that things will work out, sometimes in the strangest ways. Good luck!