The modern world has intertwined work and life to an extent that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, love your work, and keep your sanity, all at the same time. Instead, we find ourselves frequently spiraling down and repeatedly thinking, ‘I hate my job.’ And then we continue to be tortured by our daydreams of long vacations, sipping on margaritas in the bright sun. And a dream job that doesn’t require staring into a computer screen at work that doesn’t feed our passions.

Another significant disadvantage that we now face is the envy we have to deal with when we scroll through social media and see travelers, influencers and our friends seemingly living their best lives! And all of these factors result in making us feel miserable when it comes to the idea of a dream job and ‘loving what you do.’

But the good news is, there are ways to fix that and love your job, even if it’s not exactly your dream job!

1. Comparison is a prison that will never help you find your dream job!

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Although it can be tempting to compare your lives with friends, strangers, and acquaintances on the internet, you should try to avoid it at all costs. Accept that everyone is at a different point of time in life, and the very idea of happiness in a job differs from person to person. Once you do accept that, you will also start to discover what truly makes YOU happy.

2. There’s a time for work and a time for living!

One of the most dreadful things we do to ourselves is work 24/7. Most of us check our emails the moment we wake up without even giving ourselves the chance to enjoy a morning meal without having to think about work. Love your job or not this habit is stealing the very joy from your lives.

Are you also finding it tough to separate work from home because of the pandemic? Well, this behavior might leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and even reduce your productivity, whether or not you have a dream job.

So fight this by creating and religiously following a ‘me time’ in your schedule. It could be as simple as exercise and a peaceful breakfast in the morning before you start work, or an hour of practicing your hobby after work. Whatever it may be, do it every day no matter how much pending work you might have, and you’ll start to look forward to those little moments of peace every day.

3. Be grateful for having a job right now!

Even if what you’re doing to survive right now is not on the path of your dream career, you can start loving what you do by being grateful for having a job in these trying times. Think about what luxuries having a job offers you right now, in the middle of a pandemic. Once you do that, you will realize that even saying ‘I hate my job’ right now is a luxury many people might not have.

4. Accept that loving your job all the time is not possible!

If you think someone can love every aspect of their job, think again. There’s bound to be parts of your job that you dread, even if you have your dream job. So accepting the ‘I hate my job’ moments can help you appreciate the parts you do like even more. Getting into this mind frame can also help you through a bad day where you’re feeling especially demotivated.

5. Work towards your goals even if it isn’t your dream job!

Always appreciate what you’re achieving through the job that you have. Even if it isn’t your dream job, understand that it is a key part of the process to make your dreams come true. If you don’t have a goal in mind and are just working to survive, make some goals. Maybe your goal is a better job in an industry you find exciting, or perhaps your goal is to become debt-free or maintain a particular lifestyle. If you still think your present isn’t as bright as you imagined, you should make goals for a better future.

6. Accept that your work might not be working out for you!

If all the above points don’t make sense to you, and your work conditions feel toxic and harmful to your health, you need to think about a job switch. If it’s the industry or the kind of work you loathe, research and put in the effort to sharpen your skills and opt for a career switch. Working towards the change alone will give you more purpose when you seem to have none.

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