Music is a universal language, and you are totally fluent. You love going to concerts, discovering new bands, and maybe even playing an instrument yourself. Roomi makes it quick and easy to find roommates in New York City that share your obsessions, so you should have no trouble connecting with a fellow music enthusiast. Check out the roommate’s personal profile and scroll down to the “Interests” section. You’ll see a list full of helpful icons and descriptions. At a glance, you can quickly see if you share favorite bands, music styles, or concert scenes. And that folks, is one way of finding roommates in NYC that love music!

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Once you find roommates who share your unbridled passion for all things music, use this list of resources to plan your time together.

The best free concerts to attend with your roommates in NYC!

The cost of living in New York can feel like diving into a frozen lake wearing only your birthday suit. But thankfully, there’s also a ton of free stuff to do, including free concerts. Summer Stage at Central Park offers a ton of variety. Margaret Glaspy and Alexander F. provide indie music pop songs where the guitar takes center stage. Digable Planets and Natasha Diggs bring hip-hop. The Metropolitan Opera practices their summer recitals there. For something a little different, try The Gift and Dead Combo’s Portuguese-inspired rock, pop, and jazz. Or maybe you want to join a giant dance party with Freedom Party. That’s just a tiny sample of what they have to offer. Whatever style of music you crave, they’ve got it, including some you may have never heard of before.

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Best local spots for the performing arts!

The Lincoln Center is a huge campus of multiple buildings. It’s got it all when it comes to performing arts. Quintets, quartets, jazz, blues, orchestra performances, and beyond. Feel like you’ve heard it all? Despairing at the thought that you may never hear something truly new and unique ever again? Take heart, the intrepid enjoyer of music. Because Coreyah is going to blow your mind.

They fuse ancient instruments rooted in Korean folklore with modern American rock, heart-pounding African rhythms, stirring Latin American dance music, and groundbreaking Balkan gypsy tunes. Yes. You might want to flip a 180 and read all that again.

No joke, these people are that awesome. And while you are at the Lincoln Center, they’ve also got dance, film, opera, and theatre for you to enjoy. Worried you’ll have to choose between take-out and tickets? Don’t be. The David Rubenstein Atrium at the Lincoln Center has free performances every week. Including the aforementioned Coreyah.

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Best spots to discover local bands with your roommates in NYC!

If you want to discover emerging talent homegrown right there in New York City, head on over to Joe’s Pub. Part of the Public Theatre, Joe’s Pub offers a great mix of music. World, jazz, folk, funk, rock, cabaret, country, bluegrass . . . and the list goes on. They’re a great location to discover new bands, and if you’re in the mood, you can get some stand-up comedy there as well.

What’s your favorite music venue in New York City? Have you been able to find roommates in NYC that share the same love for music like you? Post your comments below.

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