Good roommates make the world go around, while annoying roommates bring out the worst in you. If your annoying roommate is so irritating that you had to surf the internet to vent – then you’re in the right place.

Firstly, a big warm hug and welcome to Roomi! We have a solution for all rented apartment and roommate troubles. Without further ado, here’s how to deal with annoying roommates.

You don’t know what to call your annoying roommate: Lazy bums or self-acclaimed royalty?

So you’ve lost count of how often you’ve found your annoying roommate lolling like a slug around the house. And you can’t help but imagine yourself as a whirlpool of energy (dressed in an 18th-century Victorian Maidservant ensemble) cleaning after them.

You can’t help but wonder why the weight of all household chores falls on you. All while your annoying roommate won’t even get their bum to put dirty dishes in the sink.

Simply tell them to get off of their lazy bum

Pssst, Cinderella, looks like you’ve got ‘Drizella’ for a roommate. So your Fairy Godmother recommends that you stand up for yourself and establish clear work boundaries in and around the house. Be stern but calm, don’t be irritated by their annoying roommate habits. Just stand firm, and if nothing works, give them a taste of their own medicine.

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You need a bigger cupboard to hide stuff from your annoying roommate!

You reach out for your Froot Loops – Loops are fin! Your hand cream – cream is fin! You can feel yourself turning into The Incredible Hulk. And you can picture yourself thrashing around the house and tossing your annoying roommate like pasta.

Tell them they can use your stuff, but with permission

Take a deep breath, Professor Banner, and restore to your original size. Now confront your annoying roommate without making it look like a fight or argument. Remember, you’re looking for a resolution, not a cold war.

So talk to them when you two are in a good mood. Tell your annoying roommate that they need to ask your permission when they want to use your stuff as you do it when you want to use their stuff.

Your annoying roommate lacks personal hygiene and the toilet skid marks could make a grown man weep!

Good morning, Mr. Turd, wasn’t expecting to see you so early on in the morning, and wow, you brought Mr. Skiddy along too. We have to stop meeting like this! * hurls *

Resort to bathroom humor

This is a big no-no, and something your annoying roommate needs to know this INSTANT! If having this talk is uncomfortable, then print out funny washroom etiquettes. Then put it up in the loo so you can send out the message subtly.

Your annoying roommate’s shedding is even concerning Sparky now!

Hair hair everywhere, Sparky’s eyebrow is raised high in the air!

Sparky wants to know how a hooman in the guise of an annoying roommate is shedding more than him?!

Make Sparky talk

Sparky needs to confront the hooman and sell on the benefits of having thumbs as opposed to paws w/o thumbs. And that is great because they can brush their hair and sweep the fallen hooman floof. Which is not possible when you have paws with no thumbs. * give yourself and sparky a treat for dealing with the annoying roommate. *

Your annoying roommate’s side of the room looks like the after-effects of a tsunami hit!

Your annoying roommate uses crumpled bedsheets, dirty dishes, cheese puff dust, 3 empty water bottles, an open laptop, writhing charging cables, and a pile of dirty laundry as a high comfort pillow.

Offer to help organize their space

You really can’t do much about this. It’s their territory and they can do whatever they want with that space. If you two are close, you could offer to help your annoying roommate with your fantastic organizing skills. If their messiness is stabbing your mental peace in the face, then it’s time to get a new roommate who respects your love for hygiene & cleanliness.

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