New Year’s Eve is a time when many people want to have fun, let their hair down and celebrate with friends and family. But as we recover from the pandemic that swept through our streets this year, it’s a good idea to remain cautious. New variants of the Covid-19 virus are still being observed in several parts of the world. For some of us, this will mean hosting our festive celebrations entirely online. However, for those of us who’ve been vaccinated, there are also some brilliant in-person New Year’s Eve party ideas that are both safe and fun.

So, pull out your New Year’s decorations and send the e-invites. Whether you host your parties online or offline, there are plenty of ways to celebrate with your loved ones and give them your best wishes for the coming year. We have some brilliant New Year’s Eve party ideas in store for you to fill your celebrations with joy and laughter.

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Glow up your apartment with New Year’s Decorations

Blow up the balloons and hang up the fairy lights by all means. But there are so many New Year’s Eve party ideas for decor to make the occasion Instagrammable! Here are some fun ways to jazz up your space and welcome 2022.

1. Have an NYE theme

Working around a theme can make your decorations unique and quirky. You can work with a color palette and add more accessories to highlight the theme. You can also choose to make it glamorous or minimalistic to fit your style. Make your own disco ball for a vibrant disco-themed party. A Roaring Twenties party theme will also call for lots of glitters! Alternatively, you could fast forward to a futuristic setting and add bold neon signs. Don’t forget the props and costumes to match!

If too much bling is not your thing, you may want to go for a more elegant NYE aesthetic. Try Winter Wonderland style decor with paper-cut snowflakes and pine cones on a white backdrop. You could also try a bohemian theme for a warm and welcoming gathering. Arrange a low, comfortable seating area and decorate the space with artificial feathers, printed sheets, and some gold accents. A pajama party or movie marathon session will also work perfectly with simple New Year’s decorations.

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2. Create a countdown wall

The countdown to the coming year is the most awaited part of any New Year’s Eve party. A countdown wall can also make for an excellent photo opportunity. Create a wall art clock with bold arrow hands and have fun posing with friends in the lead up to midnight. Use your art and craft skills to make some cardboard cutouts and stick them up. Or else, you can use balloons to stick your numbers on and put them up.

3. Photo backdrop

If not a countdown wall, you could create a festive photo backdrop to snap some memorable moments. You can make a simple fringe curtain or spruce up a wall with gold balloons for glamorous parties. A curtain made of feathers and beads will work beautifully for a bohemian theme. And don’t forget the photo props for some extra fun!

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What are the best New Year games?

Whether you do a pajama party or a dance fest, New Year’s games can be the best way to break the ice in an intimate party hosted online or offline. Here are some exciting New Year’s Eve party ideas for games that you must try!

NYE Charades

The classic game of charades is ideal for filling the room with laughter. There are multiple themes to choose from, so you can opt for something that most people in the room are familiar with. Movie names are often a popular choice! Write the names on tiny slips of paper and divide everyone into two groups. Every person will come up once to pick a slip and act out the theme without speaking. Their team members then have to guess the right name to score a point.

Card Games for New Year Celebrations

Interesting card games can be the best way to socialize at a party and get to know everyone. Fill-in-the-blanks games like Cards against Humanity can pull out fun anecdotes and the best jokes to laugh out loud. You could also organize a poker tournament to fill the room with competitive energy or arrange printables for prompt games recapping the year’s highlights.

Guessing the Resolutions

Resolutions are one of the most popular New Year topics, so why not make a fun game out of them? You can ask everyone to write their resolutions on a slip of paper and put them in a box. You can then pick them out and guess who the resolution belongs to. Alternatively, try Two Resolutions and A Lie to make the game more interesting.

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Virtual scenario games

If you’re hosting an NYE party online, virtual games can be the best of New Year’s Eve party ideas to get started with the fun. Murder mystery may sound like a subject for Halloween but it can be super fun with an online group. Plus, there are all kinds of themes to choose from. You can also go play the good old Bingo and even create your own templates with interesting captions. Trivia games, Two Truths And a Lie, and guessing resolutions, are also perfect for virtual settings.

Lots of Food and Drinks!

Food and drinks are essential to any party but here are some of the best New Year’s Eve party ideas to make the occasion sparkle.

Serve fancy cocktails

It’s time to play mixology. If you have set up a bar cart, show off your bartender skills and serve your guests something amazing. If you’re new to crafting cocktails, don’t worry. There are tons of great recipes online to help you get started. Decorate your cocktail glasses for a more festive feel and play drinking games like Never Have I Ever with friends.

Booze filled desserts

New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to treat your friends to something more than the regular cupcakes. Impress your guests with champagne cupcakes and homemade candy bars decorated for the occasion. Or, if you’re new to baking, you could try a quick and easy recipe like Oreo Cookie balls.

Organize a BYOA (Bring Your Own Appetizer)

If you don’t feel like cooking, how about asking everyone to bring their own appetizers? This can add lots of interesting items to the menu, from banana waffles to delicious finger foods, and no one has to cook an entire meal.

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Hosting an NYE Party Online

Given the current situation, many of you are likely to host your NYE parties online this year. All of the New Year’s Eve party ideas above can be adjusted to celebrate the occasion from miles apart. From virtual games to mixology sessions to end-of-the-year reflections – you can have all the fun online.

Make sure to schedule your party at a convenient time so that everyone can join in and share the itinerary so people know what to expect. They may have to dress up for a theme or have certain items handy for games. There will be some differences in an online party session, but with the right festive spirit, you’re sure to have a fun time with the people you love.

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Get Ready to Celebrate!

There’s no right way to celebrate New Year. But we hope all these New Year’s Eve party ideas will help with your planning and preparations. Whether you’re hosting an NYE party online or having a get-together in your apartment, it’s all about spreading the joy!

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