New York City and Los Angeles are among the most bustling metropolitans in the world. Comparing and trying to choose between two big cities can be a daunting task for anyone. But, fret not, we’re here to make this choice easier for you. You’re definitely in for an exciting journey ahead.

NYC vs LA: What is the difference?

The first difference one cannot go without mentioning is the location of both cities. Located on the two opposite coasts, NYC and LA experience two different geographies and climates.

However, in spite of East Coast vs West Coast, the two cities have more in common than one would think. Whether you’re considering living in LA or living in NYC, cultural and lifestyle factors and feedback can be subjective.

We’re here to help you make the practical choice. Below, we’ll be answering questions on the differences between housing costs, transportation facilities, safety, job opportunities, and more!

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What are the housing costs?

Be it living in NYC or living in LA, both cities have an exceptionally high cost of living compared to other cities around the world.

The average rental cost for a one-bedroom apartment in NYC is $2,600. With the city experiencing four seasons in a year, you need to ensure that you’re prepared for every weather. Apartment amenities like heating, windows, and security systems are factors you would want to look into should you decide to live in New York!

The average rental cost for a one-bedroom apartment in LA is $2,400. Moreover, you get a more spacious apartment in LA while paying 200$ lesser than in NYC.

Whether you are paying rent or buying a property, New York City is more expensive. Check this Reddit edition on how to live on a budget in NYC. Look in the right places, you can get cheap apartments even in Manhattan! Explore the five boroughs of NYC to find a good deal.

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Weather in NYC vs LA

If you’re someone who likes to spend more of their time outdoors, comparing the weather should be high up on your priority list. Considering the different terrains of both cities, the weather tends to follow suit.

In New York City, you get to experience all four seasons. In winters, it’s bitter cold with snow and you must pack your good winter essentials. In the summers, it’s sweltering!

On the other hand, Los Angeles experiences clear skies, sunshine, and warm weather almost all year long. With the proximity to beautiful beaches, it is the classic Mediterranean weather. It’s sunny and always a great season for the beach. However, wildfires and earthquakes are also quite frequent.

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Transportation Facilities in NYC vs LA?

Thinking about ways to get around the city? The options available in NYC and LA are drastically different.

In the city that never sleeps, you will find plenty of transportation facilities. Buses, subways, ferries, and taxis are easily available and almost nobody owns a car. New York is much more walkable and hence, the transportation costs are also lower on average.

Los Angeles on the other hand is known as the driver’s city. If you are someone who loves to drive around for everything, choose LA. Despite the heavy traffic, it is a better choice than public transportation. If you don’t own a car, there are plenty of ride-sharing apps.

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Job opportunities in both cities

This is the most important question for modern young professionals. Comparing NYC vs LA, both offer an equal number of job opportunities. Generally speaking, the Big Apple has greater opportunities in the finance sector while LA offers the best jobs in the tech world and entertainment industry.

NYC also offers higher-paying jobs, considering the higher costs of living when compared to Los Angeles. However, the decision comes down to the industry and lifestyle that suits you best.

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Which city is safer to live in?

Considering the crime rate, NYC is considered much safer ever since the 90s. The crime rate has significantly reduced in the past couple of years allowing people to walk more freely around the neighborhoods.

LA however suffers from a higher crime rate with significantly more violent crimes reported in recent years. Even though the LAPD is toiling hard, according to the trends, LA is not for the soft-hearted.

Where do I find the best food and lifestyle?

Both the cities offer plenty of varieties for food lovers. Whether you are a health freak or want world-class cuisines, you get it all. Apart from that, you have plenty of nightclubs, theatres, and entertainment options in both cities.

Living in NYC, you can get the best fast-food chains and top-rated restaurants. With exceptional luxury and low-cost outlets, New York has something for everyone. It is also a city full of diversity and hence, you can get your favorite cuisines in multiple hotspots. The New Yorkers truly know how to work hard and play harder!

Comparatively, Los Angeles has a more laid-back vibe. You will feel a greater sense of relaxation. There is a greater inclination towards spirituality and fitness. Thankfully, that does not translate to a lack of options.

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Living in NYC vs Living in LA: How to make the best decision?

Having gone through the major aspects of both the cities, NYC vs LA is a tough call. When it comes down to living expenses, both cities have their pros and cons. If rent is higher in NYC, the transportation costs are the trade-off in LA.

The weather in LA is better if you love the sunshine. But if you want more variety from time to time, NYC has it all. Yes, it’s a concrete jungle but there are plenty of outdoors to explore as well.

If safety is really a priority for you, NYC is the winner. The strong-knit boroughs of New York are much more welcoming. New Yorkers also take a great amount of pride in the diverse and rich culture. Check this ultimate moving guide to NYC to find more about rent, budgeting, and more!

However, if you prefer a larger space and want to live in a relaxed environment, Los Angeles is the best option.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to live in LA or New York, you will have a great time exploring a world of opportunities. Both cities have their own perks and both of them are worth moving in at least once in your lifetime.

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