Having a roommate can be an awesome experience, but sometimes we don’t always get along with our roommate – and that’s okay! Our roommate doesn’t have to be our best friend and it’s normal to get into disagreements with one another when you’re practically living on top of each other every day. If you’re having roommate problems, don’t freak out, here are a few tips that’ll help you smoothen this relationship bump.

1. Communicate with your roomi when something is bothering you

Communication is the answer to every question! If you and your roomi have gotten into a fight, it’s important to not ignore them and instead face the issue. This is the person you’re sharing a home with, so it’s important that you don’t have any bad blood between the two of you. Immediately address the issue at hand instead of letting the anger build up inside.

Did your roommate do something that rubbed you the wrong way? Let them know! Finding out each other’s boundaries is crucial when creating a healthy home environment. Set limits with one another and be respectful of your roomi’s limits. This can help you keep a majority of roommate problems at bay.

2. Good listening skills can help you stay clear of roommate problems

Just as it’s important for you to tell your roomi when something is bothering you, it’s important that you listen to your roomi when they talk to you. Let your roomi know that you acknowledge their feelings and concerns. Even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying, make an effort to listen, and work together to come to a compromise.

3. Talk to a friend about the problems you’ve been having your roommate

Don’t know how to bring up an issue that’s bothering you directly to your roommate? Reach out to a close friend or family member and talk about the problems you’re having with your roommate. Talking is extremely therapeutic and it can be helpful to get another person’s perspective on a situation. Ask your friend or family member their thoughts on how to approach your roommate with the issue at hand.

4. Create your own space

It’s important that you have your own space when living with a roommate. Whether this space is your bedroom or at a friend’s house, find somewhere you can chill and have downtime separate from your roomi.

If you and your roomi don’t get along, it’s okay if you make plans for time away from them. Crash at a friend’s house or spend time at your favorite coffee shop – find a place that you enjoy in order to give yourself a break from being at home and help to maintain a positive outlook.

5. Clean up after yourself and respect your roomi

Relationships are a two-way street, so make sure you’re being a good roommate as well. Whenever you’re done cooking, be sure to take care of the dishes and put away any food that you’ve taken out. If you have friends over and they make a mess, be sure to clean up after them. If you make it clear to your roomi that you respect their space, they will most likely do the same. This practice will help you avoid roommate problems

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6. If all else fails, move out

If being with your roomi is really unbearable and nothing else has worked, it’s okay to move out and find another place. Stay with a friend or move in with the fam while you look for a new apartment. If moving out simply isn’t an option, you and your roomi will have to work out a situation that works for both of you – even if that means planning your schedules so you don’t run into each other in communal areas too often.

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